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for What Dreams are Made of

10/22/2007 c14 2wondergirl9879
omg! what's he gonna do? im dying to know here...
10/22/2007 c14 Let's dance anyway
Hello. your story is one of the better ones that i have read on here. I cannot wait for the next chapters. You keep the story moving quickly and manage to discribe things properly without going on and on as many stories do...but at the same time you don't leave nething out.

Keep up the good work!
10/22/2007 c1 wondergirl9879
haha, that was a great beginning! i'm excited to see where the story goes!
10/22/2007 c14 5keaneplay
This story is absolutly brilliant!

I would hate to be the subject of a Weasley Special #5!
10/21/2007 c14 1jmb88
good chapter, it would be better, but you're puting harry as a coward against d weasleys, when he's stronger and braver, besides, the relationship between the weasleys and harry is great even in book 6 when harry and ginny were together, not even a single threat, so i hope you improve that.

i'll be waiting for the next chapter.
10/21/2007 c14 TBooki

Hehe, the Weasley brothers are great!
10/20/2007 c14 harleyquinn2112
It's so weird to be reading this chapter for the second time...I enjoy being a BETA. It's so much fun... I know, who likes to search a story for grammatical errors? Well, SOME people like looking through stuff and finding mistakes.
10/19/2007 c12 5harryandjamesluvr
hey i just got ur reply and i love this chapter too. oh so like they could have there first kid the year they get married that would be so awesome...
10/19/2007 c14 15jennyelf
very good with the harry torture especially when he had the ring all along.
10/19/2007 c4 5harryandjamesluvr
i really like it but do they seriously have to wait seven years after they get married to have a kid that seems like way to young. maybe you could just rewrite that certian part of the book...
10/19/2007 c14 1CyberShot01
I like your WBC thing but wouldnt a Wizard Bank Key be better as they use keys to get access to the vaults, and cards are usually electronic which doesn't work in the wizard world.
10/19/2007 c14 NorthJ
This chapter was nice. Liked the scene with the Weasley brothers ambushing Harry. A musician for Luna eh, well I have never thought of anyone for her besides Neville. But if were anyone I thought it would be someone equally weird and dreamy. Can't wait to see Harry propose to Ginny. Hope we see more of them in upcoming chapters. Looking forward to seeing what all the new characters bring to the storyline. Anyways Take Care!

10/19/2007 c14 2dancegirl01mom
so good - updaye again soon please!
10/19/2007 c14 14the-4gotten-marauder
I loved it and I can only wait in anticipation to see how Harry does it
10/19/2007 c13 1CyberShot01
Great book. I sent you a PM about it earlier expressing my more detailed opinions. I do hope you take me up on my offer though :D
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