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for What Dreams are Made of

10/14/2007 c13 TBooki
Haha, great chapter!
10/10/2007 c13 NorthJ
Nice chapter. I hope Luna gets someone too. It's interesting that she isn't paired up with Neville but I am guessing either she will get someone else of he will break up with Diana for her. Either way it's still going a nicely. Can't wait until next chapter! Take Care!

10/10/2007 c13 Nope.gif

I feel so famous *wipes tear from eye*.
10/6/2007 c13 choirsinger
update soon! awesome!
10/6/2007 c13 graciewoo
another great chapter!

keep the next ones coming in!

i love em all! x
10/5/2007 c4 choirsinger
awesome update soon!
10/5/2007 c13 confusednikki24-7
great last line! lol

great chapter! i loved it! it was a great length! i'm so happy for neville! now if only lunba could get someone...hm... update soon
10/4/2007 c13 kikks
wow its such a amazing story
10/4/2007 c13 harleyquinn2112
i love this chapter!

sorry for hurrying you so much. i just really like this story.
10/4/2007 c13 spacemonkey1129
what acote &sweet fic!I want Harry to confront Ron over the whole doyuble standard thing !Iwasd surprised that you put Neville W/ someone other than Luna!I ALWAYS thought that those two belonged together!Who are you going to to put her with BTW!Is Ginny going to get an X-TRA special gift this chrismas from Harry!I think that knid of gift is to themselves as much as is to each other LOL!POST SOON!
10/4/2007 c13 000000oooooo00000000
Good chapter, I really liked it, and I liked the Neville stuff too!
10/3/2007 c1 14the-4gotten-marauder
its good i just started reading so far i like it
10/3/2007 c12 Loyd1957
Can't wait to read the next chapter. We are all ready. Great story.
9/24/2007 c12 tarissamarie
loved it! and i have to ask, am i still going to be your beta? just wondering since i havent heard from you
9/23/2007 c12 TBooki
*does a jig* Yes! Another excellent update!
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