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9/22/2007 c1 harleyquinn2112
when will the 13th chapter be ready?
9/22/2007 c12 12lynnmichelle
I really like how you've managed to bring in DH without rehashing all the plotlines. And i'm interested to see where you're going with this fic.

If you're still looking for a beta let me know.
9/21/2007 c12 graciewoo
aw it was well good!:

let me kno when the next one comes out ! :D

x thanyo x
9/19/2007 c12 8Matsuoka Eriru
Awesome!Update asap please!It's ok if you embaress yourself!I embaress myself at school all the time an don't give a hoot!So don't be gettin your knickers in a knot, cause that's embarressment!Trust me this one time I had pigtails in and they were on the sides of my head, the thing was...they were lopsided!One was near the top of my head and the other was farther down!Mortifying I tell you, mortifying!Well I'll see y'all later!
9/19/2007 c12 harleyquinn2112
i love your story. i have seen a couple of mistakes though. i especeally like the beginning
9/19/2007 c12 NorthJ
Nice chapter! Hope it doesn't like blend in with the whole 8th year genre crowd but instead has it's own distinctive signature. But nice chapter like the whole boxers vs briefs thing. Nice fluff too, glad he is going back and I wonder if you will skip that year and go straight to the graduation like I don't mind the eighth year thing but I'm just worrying about oh yeah that happened in another story about the eighth year, no surprise and stuff. Keep it up!

9/18/2007 c12 1carrebear14
post more!
9/18/2007 c4 harleyquinn2112
i love it
9/18/2007 c12 1Pigwidigeon
Your a really really good writer! i cant wait 4 your next chapter! :)
9/18/2007 c12 18Dueler312
You definitely did good. Update soon.
9/17/2007 c12 000000oooooo00000000
Good chapter, I thought all the magazine articles would have been really funny. I laugh every time I think about Romilda Vane, because do you remember that line in HBP when Ginny talks about the dragon tatooed on his chest?
9/17/2007 c12 confusednikki24-7
cute chapter! it was also very funny! lol... i enjoyed reading it..update soon!
9/15/2007 c11 Nope.gif
I'd Beta, but what exactly (besides ghostwriting fics) would that include?
9/15/2007 c11 TBooki
Great Chapter!
9/14/2007 c11 8Matsuoka Eriru
Awesome!Update asap please!See y'all!
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