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for What Dreams are Made of

9/14/2007 c11 Xxbroken-insidexX
forget those dang thirteen year olds! love the story...please update soon!
9/14/2007 c11 graciewoo

i really love this story...

can u please let me kno when u will be next updating,

many thanks! x

9/13/2007 c11 NorthJ
Lol. Yes we are good at using our imagination. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Ohh, wow that was one hell of a fast year but I guess it would be boring with random ramblings about how school was and stuff. Nice little DH thing with the Grimwald thing but kinda disappointed by Deathly Hallows since they didn't do anything but camp until like March or sometime then. Is it going to end soon then? Like 3 or two more chapters left? Seems like it with the battle.

9/13/2007 c10 NorthJ
Cute. Lol Liked the whole Ron parts in it very well done even with Hermione too. Hmm... what to say now like I think I used up all my compliments. Oh and nice present, almost got me with the whole gold necklace thing since he said it wouldn't be jewelery. See only one chapter now! I keep my promises.

9/13/2007 c9 NorthJ
Nice chapter! Got a bit mature at the beginning but yeah kinda the stuff you see in PG-13 shows. Anyways I know I said I would read them all yesterday but no one could have predicted my sister needed to use the computer to work on a project. But I will today! Promise! Anyways love this story, it is like the right amount of fluffyness without losing it's humor along the way.

9/13/2007 c9 graciewoo
excellent, excellent ,excellent!

love it!...
9/13/2007 c6 graciewoo
hahah, love ginnys little spell! its gr8!

9/12/2007 c8 NorthJ
Hmm.. are you even gonna write like the Horocrux parts because the beginning is incredibly long (not that I mind like the Horocrux parts can just not appear in the story and I wouldn't care because it is like a whole new story on it's own.) Anyways nice chapter kinda predicted this would happen but not like the whole songs and port key things. Anyways finished all my homework so I plan on finishing all the current chapters today.

9/12/2007 c7 NorthJ
Cute from beginning to end. Oh and I thought Ootp was great too but it was kinda short like I wish they put Dobby in it now and some of the scenes where too short for my liking but it was still good best out of all of them. Anyways looking forward to seeing how the walk goes because is this where he pops the question?

9/12/2007 c6 NorthJ
Lol! Nice, changing their pieces. Very original! This is probably one of my favorite chapter so far like I don't know it was decently long and it made me feel all warm inside without going too overboard with it. Sweet chapters and looking forward to seeing how the wedding goes and what they do at Diagon Alley.

9/12/2007 c5 NorthJ
Hm... what did she do? I have no clue but it must be good. Loked the crossover stuff with like Veela's as the entertainment and you got Fred and George pretty much down with the whole taking pictures of Bill and the entertainment. Anyways can't wait to see what Ginny did to them so on to the next chapter.

9/12/2007 c11 tarissamarie
i love ur story! wat does a beta do? if its not 2 hard i'll be yours.
9/12/2007 c4 graciewoo
omg u have such a good imaginiation!

i really love this story and will keep readin...

at the moment i have really got to go do ma homework!

thankyoo for sharin ur story with me! :D i really really really love it :D:D:D fanko!

x gwoob!
9/12/2007 c2 graciewoo
wow i love this chapter!

i love the way he goes all shy in front of ginny, like a lot of boys :p and girls i spose,

keep writin x gwoob
9/12/2007 c1 graciewoo
cool, i like it!

gta keep readin :p
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