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for What Dreams are Made of

12/3/2009 c17 71Lyric Medlie
AWESOME! i really do love this story

-thanks ♥
12/2/2009 c11 Lyric Medlie
I LOVE THIS! (is the little boy with Lily's eyes Albus?)

-thanks ♥
12/2/2009 c10 Lyric Medlie
Why doesn’t he just go and invite the dark lord to tea and biscuits.”- LOVED that line :)

“Well now that we know that Ginny has gotten what she wanted for her birthday, let the party begin”- LOVED that line also

so good!

-thanks ♥
12/2/2009 c9 Lyric Medlie
LOVED IT AS ALWAYS! great work, great work

-thanks ♥
12/2/2009 c8 Lyric Medlie
LOVED IT! i really love this story!

-thanks ♥
12/2/2009 c6 Lyric Medlie
LOVED IT! this story is getting so good!

-thanks ♥
11/30/2009 c1 1ecao
Somethings are out of time context... I mean.. of course we had laptops and mobile phones in 1996/7... but I'm not sure they were easily acessible like that...

This bothers me.

Then, that´s not much of British in it, either... ... ...

I'll git the second chapter a shot... let's see...
11/27/2009 c20 Vyperr
The only problem I noticed with this chapter is the date of the letter from Lilly to Harry. It was dated 1991 when it should have been 1981. I have enclosed the part so you can see it.

"He recognized the handwriting. How could he forget it, he had reread her letter so many times. That other letter had been for someone else, this one was addressed to him. He opened it with trembling hands.

October 1, 1991

My Dearest Harry,

I am compelled to write this letter because of the dream I had last night. Though, I don’t think I could justly call it a dream because it seemed so real. All I know is that I needed to get my thoughts down on paper for the fear of not being able to tell you these things myself.
9/18/2009 c14 itissixoclock
J.K Rowling also said that Luna was with Rolf S-somebody and that Neville is with Hannah Abbot
9/18/2009 c13 itissixoclock
great story, but you need to work on your spelling and grammar. Love the story though
8/20/2009 c20 1SparklyVamp
absolutely amazing story!

i loved it so much =)

8/18/2009 c20 xxcookiesxx123
wow! very funny and soo romantic

8/5/2009 c12 omgerbo
hello sorry about this, i know this is an old story of yours and i just started reading it today (btw, it is amazing! you are a very talented writer!) and i just wanted to help you out a little b/c you said you didn't have a beta, so just saying you have a little typo here in the ninth paragraph:

Before the battle Harry had worried about Ginny being taken by Voldemort or Death Eaters, fearful that they would harm her and use her as bate to get to him.

where it says bate i think you meant bait right?

but anyways, i love this story! along with your other stories of course! you are a brilliant author and i wish you luck on your future projects!
8/3/2009 c20 4GiGiFanFic
No doubt about it, this was a wonderful fic. I enjoyed every bit of it, but when Ron was tormenting Harry about the white wedding robe, I would have had Harry say something back at him re: Hermione. After all Harry treats her as his sister, so Ron sure didn,t treat her with the same respect as Harry treated Ginny. Just my thoughts on that chapter. Otherwise, a huge success. J.
7/20/2009 c20 juice14
Wow extra bits of fluff with whipped cream!

I'm a sucker for romance so I'd like to say thank you for this really beautiful story!

Hope that there's more inspiration where this one came from and looking forward to reading more good ones!
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