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for What Dreams are Made of

11/16/2007 c17 4Emma Jane Weasley
Another awesome chapter! Can't wait to see what the brothers have in store for Harry, knowing everything else that has happened it can't be good! The girls should most definatly do something! Maybe not as crazy as the guys, but just as fun! Can't wait to see what comes next!
11/16/2007 c17 2dancegirl01mom
great chapter - can't wait for the wedding!
11/15/2007 c16 Let's dance anyway
BLOODY BRILLIANT! keep up the good work :)
11/15/2007 c16 soumy
Damn that was definitly a great chapter! I'm so excited I caant wait for the next one. please please please publish it fast!
11/15/2007 c16 5keaneplay
That was really really good! I love your description of Ginny's family's reaction to her and the dress - Roll on the wedding!
11/14/2007 c16 4Emma Jane Weasley
I loved the way you had this chapter divided up. It made it way easier to follow. I'm pretty sure me and a bunch of my friends had a similar conversation to the one that the four of them had in that very first section the other day. It made me laugh. Really glad you decided to make them wait until after they were married. Too many people think they would be all over each other, and I never really saw Harry and Ginny like that. Ron and Hermione are another story...:) Can't wait for chapter 17! Update soon! Please!
11/14/2007 c16 1jmb88
As good as ever. Again, the chapter is very good.

But I thought this chapter was going to be about the wedding, a shame it didn't because you are making us wait a lot.

I think that you want us, your fellow readers to beg you for the chapter of the wedding hahahahaha, well is ok, since I'm already begging you for next chapter, well, almost begging hahaha.

Keep up the good work and please update the wedding chapter, avoid the details, please.


Take care.
11/14/2007 c16 confusednikki24-7
this was a creally cute chapter and i'm glad that it was cute in half cuz there was a lot of events in just this one...well i can't wait for an update! i laughed more than once...great job!
11/14/2007 c16 purple smurfs r real
yay im excited! the big day! lol
11/14/2007 c16 2wondergirl9879
I loved this chapter too! Though I have to ask, how come Mrs. Weasley's wedding dress isn't white...
11/14/2007 c16 2dancegirl01mom
loved this chapter!
11/12/2007 c14 graciewoo

cool chapter!

ill keep readin :D

keep writing :D



11/4/2007 c15 purple smurfs r real
wow i cant wait for more! keep it up!
11/3/2007 c15 TBooki
I can't wait for what you have in mind!
11/3/2007 c15 KatnissMellark4Everr


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