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for Trying to Fix the Future Present

10/9/2018 c22 anna
wow, just wow this story is actually seriously good very well mixed in a different way. I have enjoyed the 22 chapters so far, its a pity there is no more. this story has so much potential to be extraordinary. I will save it, either way, to check for possible updates. I do hope you update this story.
11/1/2017 c22 Guest
When or when would you finish this,?
10/26/2016 c22 6Jasper'sDarlinBunny
I really want her to join the battle full on as cosmos and kick all of their asses! Show Danzo who is boss!
8/7/2016 c22 SailorTardis498
wicked.. i am enjoying this and kakashi is hilarious
4/14/2016 c22 Princesakarlita411
Oh my goodness You updated this fanfictionGood chapter short but good I have more questions that need to be answered Please update soon
8/21/2014 c2 Princesakarlita411
Will u be updating
8/3/2014 c21 22Shinobi Gatana
Son Goku for the win!
8/3/2014 c20 Shinobi Gatana
Great job.
8/3/2014 c19 Shinobi Gatana
Great job on this chapter. PS. Congrats on getting over 100 reviews! Way to go!
8/3/2014 c18 Shinobi Gatana
This was brilliantly written. I hope that you finish the story one day. (I didn't see the complete' mark on it).
8/3/2014 c17 Shinobi Gatana
Ah heck no. Konoha is screwed.
8/3/2014 c16 Shinobi Gatana
8/3/2014 c15 Shinobi Gatana
Oh wow. Konoha is so screwed if Itachi sides with Danzo.
8/3/2014 c14 Shinobi Gatana
Oh holy crap. I knew Itachi was a double agent, but this is about to make crap hit the fan.
8/3/2014 c13 Shinobi Gatana
Was it, the poison from Shizune's senbon, or Danzo, or Ibiki?
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