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for The adventures of the Red Whirlwind

8/31/2007 c2 R-Zeta
How the Red whirlwind came about! Hmm... omoishiroii desu ne.

Ganbatte yo! Looking forward to it.
8/9/2007 c2 25Athyra
cool, the original whirlwind. Yes, a nice start. You might want to er, stretch out those paragraphs so that it's easier to read...just a personal opinion.
8/9/2007 c2 Kandida
^^ I like the story. Your plot seems interesting!

I was very wonder while this anime is very popular also in America and Europe,but very few fanfics were written.

Please continue writing!

I am expecting to see Romeo scene too .

Romeo is my favorite character now!

8/5/2007 c1 Athyra
It seems to be a pretty great fic. Update soon! This chap is more like a prologue, so perhaps the next chap should be longer.

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