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9/29/2007 c1 5bookworm97

that was funny!
9/25/2007 c1 112geekmama
LOL! Very cute and sexy. You have a nice way with words, and very good pacing. I've rarely liked a W/E story more!

~ Geek Mama ~
6/24/2007 c1 13acacia59601
This story was great! The only thing I can offer for critique is to check the title, it might be better if it was Swordplays... As it is, it's hard to tell if you just forgot to add a space, if it was a capitalization error or if you meant it that way.
6/24/2007 c1 Jedijen66
silly boy. he makes me giggle!
6/24/2007 c1 QueenVader95
ha ha
6/24/2007 c1 21SD
That was fabulous. Very descriptive, and the banter was fun and beleivable.

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