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for Harry Potter and Gryffindor's Heir

11/22/2013 c3 WolvenNightshade
Really good story, just wondering when Remus Lupin will arrive, he cared a lot for Harry too. Wouldn't Sirius or Dumbledore have told him what happened to Harry by now?
9/26/2003 c3 3Tamuril Nenharma
keep writing!

i ;luv this story!
9/20/2003 c4 7Always an Angel
i am very interested!

i like stories with harry as the heir to gryffindor and i also love harry/ginny-which you seemed to be hinting at...

please write more!
9/15/2003 c4 3Tamuril Nenharma
please keep writing!

this isa really good story, and i like it alot, so keep writing so i can keep r&r
9/6/2003 c4 19JussiVuori
i'm still interested in your story,plz update soon.
5/14/2003 c3 1Sweet-single


1/21/2002 c4 10Confuzzler
I can beta if you want... just e-mail me at ...

9/21/2001 c4 fawnwv
this is cool keep it up & keep it coming! :)
9/4/2001 c4 20Gia
i would've reviewed on the chapter before this one but i thought "nah!" so n-e-way, i can't wait to find out what happens next so get the next chapter out soon!
9/1/2001 c3 7Starry Eyed Dreamer
You made a longer chapter! Yay! You still have a few apostrophe and comma usage problems... and come on! You spelled Pomfrey wrong! Pretty good chapter, keep writing!
9/1/2001 c2 Starry Eyed Dreamer
You did a pretty good job of fixing your mistakes, that's really good! Yes, this chapter is pretty short, but it has a bit of flair. I mean, Death Eaters just ravaged his home and he thinks about Potions hw... very cute.
9/1/2001 c1 Starry Eyed Dreamer
oh ack! How could you? You spelled Hermione wrong... ya know, that's a real turn-off when the author can't do one of the leading ch. names right... you have a few more errors, but they aren't to consquential to the story. We still understand. You need to use commas more though, like in this sentence "when Fawkes Dumbledores Phoenix..." it should be "when Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix, soared..." yeah, that's what an appositive is... w/e. Keep writing, you have a lot of ppl who like this story.
8/30/2001 c3 Energeezer
Err...he doesn't have a wand anymore...
8/2/2001 c3 Tenrousei
what in the holy hell did he remember! please write more!
8/2/2001 c3 Lucky Woods
Hurry with the next chapter. Very nice. Please hurry with the chapter though. Thanks ^_^
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