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9/30/2017 c7 Amy
This story has what made CSI a huge TV hit series. The only difference is the series got its finale while this story remains unfinished. I definitely would love to have you back on this story one day!
8/23/2014 c7 Marie
Still waiting for the new chapter...
7/27/2012 c7 9Ziver69
Okay, so I realize that this fic is um...a few years old, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish it. I am a huge Grissom and Sara fan and I've fallen in love with this one. Love the acupuncture angle drawing Gris and Sara closer and that you have the natural accident mixed in with the intentional tampering. I can understand if the muse got up and left but if there's anything I can do to encourage you taking another go at finishing this one, let me know. And if it never gets finished, know that for seven chapters you had my undivided attention and admiration.
3/30/2009 c7 2Famous4it
You're amazing! I'm honered to have received a review from you *salutes*
7/22/2008 c7 GSR'er
Hi! I just found this story! This is great! You really need to finish this. I love it so far. More, more, more!
4/25/2008 c7 36WalkerTRngr
You must update! This is phenomenal!
4/25/2008 c6 WalkerTRngr
4/25/2008 c5 WalkerTRngr
I am thoroughly enjoying this story and I can't wait to move to chapter 6! Here I go!
4/25/2008 c4 WalkerTRngr
I hope everything works out!
4/25/2008 c3 WalkerTRngr
Another excellent chapter! You're a great writer!
4/25/2008 c2 WalkerTRngr
That's Grissom for you needs to get bit by a snake to realize he loves Sara and should do something about it! Men! :)
4/25/2008 c1 WalkerTRngr
Fantastic start to this story!
2/23/2008 c7 136CSIvHP11
wait, you are going to finish right? cause this fic is to good to just leave hanging like that
10/16/2007 c7 11Moonstarer
This is great, although I'm deliberately not looking up some of the medical terms - CSI has upped the level of "ick" I can cope with but I can only go so far. I'm just glad that the only venomous snake we have here in England is so timid that one would have been frightened off by Grissom's stomping around, let alone tossing a tyre at it!

Keep up the good work, although I should complain that you're distracting me from getting on with my own story.

7/6/2007 c7 5Keystspf
This is a great story. The little bits of interesting scientific information are what make the show great, and it's always nice to read a fanfic with that in it. There are some fanfics I've read that simply parrot back misunderstood bits they've picked up either from CSI or other shows, but you definently seem to have actually read about what you're writing and know what you're talking about. You also seem to have a decent grasp on the personalities of the characters. Keep it up.
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