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12/16/2007 c3 2inumarulova1

I just finished chapie 3, it was really good, UPDATE FAST^.^,REBELL REBELL REBELL!LOL
12/16/2007 c2 inumarulova1

It's me again, i like how the story is going so far.

PS:I hope that Harry gets more rebellious XD, what kind of punishments will he endure?
11/1/2007 c3 Blessed Me
I love it but is harry weak or something(not that I mind,just wondering) I hope you update soon.
8/15/2007 c3 kains
The storyline/plot is really good, and the grammar is really bad:)haha, but still this story was greatXD
7/2/2007 c3 Celestialuna
very good chapter.
7/2/2007 c2 Celestialuna
good chapter but you have to watch the grammer.
7/2/2007 c1 Celestialuna
very good story line minus the spelling.
6/27/2007 c1 4CSIPotter
please continue, but proof-read, the grammar is hard to understand.
6/26/2007 c2 3Ying-Darkness
6/26/2007 c1 windlg
keep writing

like it
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