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for The Fifth Element Parody

6/10 c3 25lossofmerlin
Don't stop now. Or are you just going to update every 20 years? Let's see... that would mean... 6 more years to go? I can't wait that long! Lol
8/24/2018 c3 2Skyrere
bring me more.
Watch the movie again, read what you have, and then chuck some more drama my way mama!
8/24/2018 c1 Skyrere
hehehe... these are the kinds of things I mutter/say out loud while watching my favorite movies at home. XD
Carry On...
1/31/2014 c3 DeathNoteLover23
Short or not this is very funny, i hope you will update soon. Again more detail, like what the room look like maybe...things like that.

PS: No, i am still not signed in. I know, i must be terrible :(
1/31/2014 c2 DeathNoteLover
"For the sake of all that is cheese." This is very funny. reminds me of Wallace & Grommit when they go to the moon looking for cheese...anywho. Still good, but maybe more deteil in the beginning of the chapter with Korben. He gets out of bed and talks to the feline and finger. But in the movie much more maing coffee...some complaining and then getting into his cab for some Chinese food...diolauge is good but stage direction is nice too. And maybe not just what happening, but also the surrounding areas...

PS: Again i am still not sighned in, sorry. But its a pain when im not on my own computer.
1/31/2014 c1 DeathNoteLover23
Interesting indeed...almost scary when you think about how the movie was compared to this (not in a bad way of course.) And in some ways can see how this better in a sense, because the serious parts in the beginning were not very serious. Nonetheless, I do find it to be very amusing, and wonder what sharp whit awaits!

PS: Sorry im not logged in. But my username is DeathNoteLover235...
8/10/2012 c3 1Tweak Tweak
2/15/2010 c3 30JediKnightNightTerra
Hehhehheheheheh! Go LeeLoo! Good story! Can't wait for the next one!
5/23/2009 c3 Scarlet Moon At Midnight
Hehe, this is such wonderful crack-fic.
4/10/2009 c3 1Shadowy7Angel
LOL! And what may those moments contain?
3/28/2008 c2 1A.J Scarlet
I'm just as confused as you are buddy. But crazy Korben really funny.
3/28/2008 c1 A.J Scarlet
Damn image verifacation sh$%^...anyways very random, made me giggle.Nice
3/10/2008 c2 Random Reviewer
Hilarious. Great job.
7/22/2007 c1 8xXAliceOliveraXx

That is very funny I enjoyed it very much. I am a big fan of the fith element and I think you should keep up the good work, people just need to open up to new ideas. So Please keep up the good work!
7/3/2007 c1 DragonsEclipse
Nice. I got a chuckle out of this. : )

-`- Dragon's Eclipse -`-

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