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9/29/2012 c4 Matt
It's Eric not Erik you dumbbell.
1/6/2008 c4 FindingMyStory2020
Hey that was very realistic

it was really good and i would like to read soe more of your stories if you have wrote any



1995 naya 1995
1/1/2008 c4 1katididnot

please update soon!

9/17/2007 c4 6Goonie-Gal
SCORE! TOUCHDOWN! smooth. Absolutely perfect! I like it. THough the end kind of moved fast... but i like how you thought of Eric times alone on the island. Good imagination. Wonderful work. Keep it up!
9/17/2007 c3 Goonie-Gal
Liked the first chappy, adored the second, fell in love with the third... gee wonder if i'll like the forth? LOL love it all!
9/17/2007 c2 Goonie-Gal
Oh yeah baby beautiful! Love it all! Good work! although i have to say... For eric to keep wondering back and forth seems pretty brave... then again... Eric is such a wiz bomb. He's so cool! Love that you keep his character... keep it up!
9/17/2007 c1 Goonie-Gal
Ok... let me tell you somthing... i just read the first chappy... and holy cow... good details and description! it's awsome! I like it a lot! One think you forgot though... when eric turned the camera off. Maybe someone already told ya... or you perposly did it. DOn't know and don't care casue it's still a great first chappy! A little more on surroundings though, but other then that... fantastic!
9/12/2007 c4 12SouthernStyle
You captured the essence of the Jurassic Park imagery, and your style of writing is great.

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