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11/16/2013 c1 Guest
i donot understand this syory
3/12/2013 c13 theneutralite
not too bad
3/12/2013 c12 theneutralite
3/11/2013 c11 theneutralite
3/11/2013 c10 theneutralite
naruto & co
3/11/2013 c9 theneutralite
cursed penguin suit!
3/11/2013 c8 theneutralite
very strange. cool
3/11/2013 c7 theneutralite
interesting (Damn that bloody word)
3/11/2013 c6 theneutralite
interesting bunch..
3/11/2013 c5 theneutralite
yay, crazy luffy!
3/11/2013 c4 theneutralite
3/11/2013 c2 theneutralite
could be interesting
3/11/2013 c1 theneutralite
too good
11/4/2012 c1 Guest
I find it interesting how u chose who took what number and who from what show you took not at all bad like the last one i read
9/25/2011 c24 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
One has to wonder if any of the girls are interested in Negi in THAT way!

BTW, you ever thought of using some of Jeff Dunham's material, or some of the Monty Python jokes?
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