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for I Vanda: The Pledge

5/25/2017 c1 19AndurilofTolkien
aw :)
2/6/2009 c1 9elrond peredhel
i love it!

just a quick note: 6th line from the bottom, still is missing its s.

will there be a sequel? id love to read about el and brees wedding etc...
11/16/2008 c1 134Jedi Sapphire
I found this on another author's favourites list - and it is absolutely brilliant. :) It's so rare you get to see any really Elrond-centric humour fics, but you were right on the spot with this. I think my favourite moment was when Elrond didn't know what to say to 'Ah'.
3/13/2008 c1 5supervivi
Utterly delightful.
1/27/2008 c1 Dark Morwen 863
I enjoyed it. ;) Simply, I encourage you to keep writing.
8/23/2007 c1 25KsandraMallan
*hugs Elrond and Celebrian*

"had my daughter chosen to run off with you, it might have put something of a damper on our diplomatic relationship." Dear Valar that made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my seat. "something of a damper" indeed. Elves and understatement... *shakes head and sighs*
8/17/2007 c1 4July '91
That was brilliant. Definitely an addition to my favorites list. The humor was perfectly suited to the situation, and well written. Nice job on the literary accuracy, too! I'm going to go check out the rest of your stuff. Keep it up!
7/3/2007 c1 28Silivren Tinu
LOL! Cami, I loved this! Poor Elrond - I'm only glad Celeborn didn't come any later, or he really might have found that note instead of his son-in-law to be. ;-) If Celebrian is anything like her daughter I doubt that Elrond would have been allowed to spend some peaceful centuries in Harad, though. *g*

I love Elrond's fretting, his pacing, his thoughts about "prospectively raging elven lords", and his reaction to the squirrel. Elrond's nervousness was so endearing and understandable, and incredibly funny at the same time! I may be repeating myself, but I love your sense of humour. I could really sympathize with the poor elf - uhm... mighty Elven Lord. *g* I have to say Elrond almost made *me* nervous, so I was quite relieved when Celeborn reacted as I hoped he would. Hehe, I really wanted to hug poor Elrond when he still didn't get it! I was really proud of him for deciding not to give up without a fight, though it was unnecessary. ;-)

Once again, I enjoyed your version of Elrond and Celebrian's relationship - they are really sweet together, and you can feel how much they mean to each other. “What, and spoiled your chance to bravely risk life and limb for my sake?” - LOL, I loved that!

I also very much enjoyed your version of Galadriel and her conversation with her husband. There's just the right amount of mystery and power around her - in the few sentences you wrote about her I can see both her kindness and why the One Ring might have been able to tempt her.

A great story, mellon-nin - I loved seeing an entirely new side of Elrond. *giggle*

- Tinu
7/2/2007 c1 11Gord and V
Haha, this was very well done. Very funny and entertaining :)

Peace out boy scout,

Gord and V
7/2/2007 c1 7Nimphaiwe
That was good...It's funny for Elrond to be so nervous and stuttering like that, while he's such a powerful lord in LOTR.

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