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for Songs of Travellers in the Night

11/1/2010 c6 1Glrasshopper
A very well-written story.

You've melded the two very different Sci-fi styles quite nicely so it could easily fit into either fan-base without any hassle.

Here's hoping that an update would be forthcoming.
7/17/2010 c6 5Miguel51
More! Loving this so much. Everybody's adoration/fear of the Doctor is amazingly funny. His mild annoyance of having to deal with his reputation has me in stitches! And Martha's commentary is just gold. I'm wondering if and when Torchwood is gonna show up.
5/10/2010 c6 15RngrThorne
Oh,you're good. You're very good. I'm looking forward to the Doctor's run-in with the Ancient Enemy. And Morden.
1/28/2010 c6 arellowyn
great story.. u seem to have the characters down. Was funny to see Kosh so completely flabbergasted. Hopefully u'll do more with this story
12/14/2009 c6 PhoenixRe
Interesting, amusing and promising.

You should really try and finish it in my opinion.

It's good.
10/31/2009 c6 4DreamFeathers
*a shiver runs up the spine*

ohh, this is really good. you have managed to nail every character dead on! awesome! i just wish that you haven't given up with this story because besides awesome laughs at the Doctor's insanity, the tension is really rising pleasantly with this story, and i'd truly want to see more of this.
10/31/2009 c4 DreamFeathers
*laughing too hard*

au, au, au... that hurted *trying not to grin*

"So I... Someone made it rain on their homeworld, in their past. Whenever they tried to discover fire."

this is absolutely the most hilarious line ever! And so doctor. I can actually see him trying to look innocent as he says that
10/31/2009 c3 DreamFeathers
"they're traveling with a warship loaded full of weapons and their intention is to blow everything from the orbit... but more importantly, where's my salad"

*laughing hard* leave it to doctor to put the priorities right
10/31/2009 c2 DreamFeathers
Hah! I really love how you're describing everybody. you have managed to grasp their personalities perfectly. Me likes!
10/31/2009 c1 DreamFeathers
*trying hard not to laugh*

y'know, it's wrong to make sick people laughing this much, it hurts :D:D:D And the Doctor's aim of landing is as good as always :D he seriously needs to practice on that one.
8/22/2009 c6 11sweetyamiyugigirl
Please update soon! This story is awesome! I liek that the fact that Kosh isn't so mysterious and, like anyone with prolonged expsosure to the Doctor (and had his life saved by said Time Lord) Likes him a lot and will protect him if possible. I am soo not surprised that EVERYONE granted him diplomatic immunity.

I'm also not surprised that the Shadows are terrified by the Doctor, he is quite powerful, and of course, can see time, the future and many other things, as Morden figured out.

Why do the Centauri don't like the Doctor? What did he do? Or rather what they tried to do and he fixed what ever it was.

I wonder if any of the Doctor's enemies (apart from the cowardly Shadows) will show up... Man will that be interesting to see exactly how many pieces said enimy will be, especialy the Daleks... I'm guessing (Via the fact that they have some similiar powers) Kosh would bring down a bunch of Daleks first, followed closely by the humans. A couple reasons being that tried to destroy Earth oh, about five, ten times? Then comes everyone else because they really respect the doctor and things go from bad to worse for the Daleks from there.

I'm starting to babble on and on but... But I really love your story a lot and I hope that you Update soon!
7/4/2009 c6 12eventyraren
I am not so in to Babylon 5 but I love doctor who. so what hapen next? update soon ok.
5/31/2009 c6 8DrIvoRobotnik
I love the story, please finish it! I'm eager to see what the doctor will do in response to the shadows!
5/20/2009 c6 3imperialfan
Great story
5/16/2009 c6 62Agent-G
Well so far this is the only really decent Doctor Who/B5 crossover on the site. Its a little rushed at times and some things are a bit too odd, like exactly how the Doctor and Kosh know each other and the Doctor boarders on being a bit Gary Stu as times.

But overall it's a decent story and one that I would like to see more of, but it seems you have forgotten or dropped it since it's been over a whole year since anything has been done for it. I do hope that you'll return to it but if not then I hope you'll tell me that this story is no longer being worked on. I hate waiting on things to be updated and then nothing ever happens.
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