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12/14/2017 c11 akhannah1
How old are chris and wyatt
1/4/2015 c26 Yannifer x
are there more chapters beyond this i really enjoyed the story
9/17/2014 c4 charmedrose18
I like it my sister is blackrose18 I will tell her about your story
8/3/2014 c26 Isabel
Amazing! Loved it so much! You have to continue this, add what happens to Paige and Phoebe and do something on Andy plz!
11/23/2013 c26 delete-account-please 5149757
excellent story so far, looking forward to more so please update soon.
11/20/2013 c26 delete-account-please 4171342
Good story so far looking forward, to more so please update soon.
5/13/2013 c23 sexy Seren
update it
2/8/2013 c26 2Bluesky20
Is this the end? Because I really like this story.
11/9/2012 c26 sexy Seren
update it soon
11/9/2012 c2 sexy Seren
12/17/2011 c2 193LoveLikeElena
Aloha! i can't wait for more! i really liked this chapter! It was really good! I hope Paige is in it more next time. Also, will there be bonding between Paige and her nephews? I love seeing that!
12/17/2011 c1 LoveLikeElena
Aloha! I hope you're doing well! i really like this story so far! It's awesome and very well written! I can't wait for Missy Paige to be in it! I also love Phoebe and Coop too!

8/15/2011 c26 delete-account-please 742011
this is thebestestfriendsforever I just moved to a different account.

great chapter can't wait to see what is going to haappen so please update again and soon.
4/8/2011 c26 thebestestfriendsforever
great chapter can't wait for more so please udpate again and soon.
4/8/2011 c26 25Boris Yeltsin
Wow. How'd Prue get brought back anyway?
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