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8/8/2010 c5 17darkorangecat
As heartbreaking as Pansy's personal horror story is, the plan for helping others (and possibly herself in the process) by creating a safe haven is a wonderful idea. I wonder if she and Ron will begin to have a relationship, if she will ever be able to trust a man in such a manner and if Ron will be able to help her overcome what happened to her in the past. The friendship between Ginny and Pansy looks to be promising as well. Good chapter. I am looking forward to reading more.
7/20/2010 c5 ej-83
so...she was raped by her own father...n yet...ron treats her like she isn't worth my pov...y stay?might as well just leave n divorce since he won't b able 2 get over da "death eater" and "evil slytherin" labels on her...anyway keep up da good work
3/5/2010 c4 darkorangecat
It will be interesting to see how this will all play out with Pansy revealing what took place in her home. Will Ron become a comfort to her? Will they eventually grow to love each other?
3/5/2010 c1 darkorangecat
Beautiful wedding vows, I wonder if they will be fulfilled. Very intriguing opening chapter.
12/30/2009 c4 ej-83
nice going ron...hahaha...anyway keep up da good work coz i really wanna find out wat will happen next to dis couple...hopefully u'll update da fic soon
12/23/2009 c4 3Reno-Sky
oh please please review!
12/4/2009 c1 1pansy318
I'm so glad you decided to finish this story...I've been a fan of it for the longest and I can't wait for more!
12/26/2008 c1 novea21
PLZ PLZ PLZ review! I know it's ben a long time but I really have fallen in love with this story and would love it if you continued!
12/2/2007 c3 ayu
hey...nice goin wit da fic...i wonder when will they start fallin in love or get along...keep up the good work...hope u'll update it soon..
10/30/2007 c3 1talley67
Hope you are still updating. Went fast but I'm interested.
10/6/2007 c3 14Dimrilla
Hmm, I can tell Ron was somewhat disappointed :D

I must say I'm rather quickly turning into a Ron/Pansy shipper, so I hope You'll update soon. ?
8/23/2007 c2 6Jokerisdaking
I hope so, i love this!
8/16/2007 c2 veed
lov it. update soon.
7/16/2007 c2 alien2063
Unfortunate event :(

Got only one word for you from personal experience - "backup" preferably on other machine if possible.

Hope the wait wont be too long :)
7/9/2007 c1 sugarbomb53086
I love it! The dialogue from McGonagall is a little stilted, but I love the concept! Keep it up!
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