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5/18/2017 c1 luvan1mefang1rl
Plz continue & update ur story. I reading ur story n never getting tired of rereading ur story over n over.
12/14/2016 c4 luvan1mefang1rl
luv ur story lol im totally looking 4ward 2 ur story's next chapt. u also have my support on this story n ur real life do ur best n never give up. does that mean draco n severus will eventually find out harry is a basilisk?
12/13/2012 c5 luvan1mefang1rl
D.K. Dracona
Interestin story despite me readin 1 of ur story(s) 4 the 1st time. I haft 2 say ur story caught my attention. I had liked, luv or enjoyed readin ur story. I also decided 2 add u & ur story 2 my fav. I am really lookin 4ward 2 readin ur story's next comin chapt. Do ur best ok. PS. U now, 4ever & always have me as a fan, reader & supporter of u & ur story(s). _
7/7/2011 c5 3Nobody'sNobody
I like the thought of the whole Basilisk thing. I can't wait for the next chapter
7/26/2010 c5 LadyKaos
Yay I finally got to read a new chapter from you on this story. So when are you putting the next one up?
10/27/2009 c5 3ao3lover101
O.O Please update this amazingness soon please!
5/23/2009 c5 xfighter4
Interesting story!
5/22/2009 c5 gaul1
inteesting chapter, byes
1/1/2009 c4 LadyKaos
i love this story so far but when do you plan to update it i want to know more about what will happen in the current and comming years. im curious how his interactions with the basilisk will go as well and the triwizard tournament and his interactions with the dursleys. i hope you don't plan to drop this story it would be a shame to be unable to finish reading such a curious au such as this one is turning out to be
6/7/2008 c4 12crystal-chan
Haha. :) Poor Draco! Oh well, maybe he'll learn to get over his Griffindork Predjudice faster.
6/6/2008 c4 7JazzNProwl's sparklingAriaFyre
That was ultra cute! I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/6/2008 c4 Loatroll
Bah Pity you sent him to Gryffindor. With his sort of training he should almost be Slytherin out of habit.. Pity about the friendship with Ron (don't like him), would have preferred Draco (not that I like the spoiled Draco from canon either, but I actually prefer him to Ron)

Anyway that's just my opinion on the matter, things are just fine as they are.

I'm really looking forward to more.
6/6/2008 c4 fraewyn
cant wait for some of the reactions!

update soon!
6/4/2008 c3 fraewyn
Yggdrasil? Like the World Tree?

cant wait for more!
4/21/2008 c3 JazzNProwl's sparklingAriaFyre
Sugoi! I love it! Took you long enough to update tho...thought i was gonna die.
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