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7/10/2008 c1 7Oldlibrn
Excellent Prologue, it really pulls you in. The next chapter was a great followup and the concept of Narro'kel was inspired. HOWEVER! The last update was in 2007!

Please update. I just came across your story today and can't believe that's all there is of it.
12/21/2007 c2 17629578269
noo! more! you can't just leave it at this!
7/14/2007 c2 70QuasiOuster
I love this chapter. It really fills out the story and your D&V banter is very creative and wonderful. It makes me sad thinking of this scene and then remembering the prologue. Those two crazy lovebirds and their crossed paths. It's always so interesting to see Daniel struggling with his feelings for Vala and then Vala trying to keep herself in check. The internal dialogue was really top notch. You've got me 100% hooked on this story.
7/14/2007 c2 85Valieara
Nice Daniel/Vala interaction - her flippancy in the face of danger, his annoyance with it. They do tend to fall on that old habit (a lot). And of course, a serious moment they -would- break when it got too tense.

Don't worry a bit about your time motif - it's lovely just the way it is, not overdone at all, and if you keep it up (which I think you will, considering the title), a great theme to run the length of the story. :-)

Lovely intro chapter; can't wait for more.
7/14/2007 c2 19Myosotis13

Their conversation was light, but it was so incredibly touching in light of the way we know things will turn out. What a wonderful piece of teasing-but-meaningful Daniel/Vala dialogue. They're frustratingly good at saying things without actually *saying* them, aren't they?

On a different note, I have to say I love the choice of title for this story. It very much supports the atmosphere of desolate-yet-hopeful waiting in the prologue. And as before, I'm very curious to see how and why things went wrong (except now there's no third chapter to click to *hint, hint* :D)

So glad this was the first story I caught up on since my return from the internet-less Stone Age! Hugs!

7/14/2007 c1 Myosotis13
Wow, incredible prologue! I almost felt I was right there beside Vala, staring at the watch and listening to the darkness. Great job capturing her mood in these paragraphs, I was really captivated by the intense, involving style. Can't wait to see exactly how things ended up that way, of course.

7/12/2007 c2 26Milena D
Loved it! Love the idea of the watch-promise, invented ritual or not ^_~ It was definitely more light-hearted but with a constant undertone of anxiety, mostly from Daniel, which was perfectly conveyed. I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/12/2007 c2 22Shinki
I can't wait for more! This promises to be excellent.
7/12/2007 c2 31HAZMOT
See, now that's more like it. Oh, the lines from Vala, tugged at my heart strings and still pluckin. I love how she explains why the watch meant so much to her and I love the way you use a culteral ritual in either her or other language. I just love it. But the line that really got me was when she stated: I need to return your watch, and the power of my promise to you will protect me from any mishap that might come my way. Oh, the way you right those lines. Man. Ok, sniffing is involved. It was fluff, but it was the correct fluff from Vala. I can't wait to see how her capture happened and what SG1 or should I say Daniel is doing to retrieve her. So carry on my fellow muse. You understand the power of a promise given and not breaking the heart. Nice. :D
7/12/2007 c2 Barbie2
That was great can't wait for the next chapter. :)
7/12/2007 c2 10acer-sigma
Great chapter, Daniel's really got to work on his motivation speaches, or at least get someone to translate what he means for him. Loved Vala's little ritual and promise to Daniel to return safely.

Looking forward to seeing where this story goes.
7/12/2007 c2 278spacegypsy1
Wonderful! I liked the switch to the light-hearted to see the watch exchange. Great addition to the prolog. Well written, good characterization. Loved the "I’m going to make you my narro’kel.” Looking forward to all you have planned for this story.
7/10/2007 c1 85Valieara
Darkness personified in time and space - it's beautiful. This is the perfect combination of abstract and concrete for a darker what-if fic like this - especially for Vala's serious, and at risk of overusing the word, darker side. The time motif is particularly powerful, especially in Daniel's watch. It's all very tangible, but yet not, and that style works very nicely. I would say it's a beautiful piece, since I originally thought this was a oneshot, but am more happy to see that it's being continued. Lovely work; can't wait for more.
7/9/2007 c1 278spacegypsy1
Morbidly beautiful. I can hear the ticking and see her on that floor. Wonderful piece of writing. I am enthralled.
7/9/2007 c1 36leuska
Hello dear!

Congrats on so many reviews! Told ya you would do great!:)

Thank you very much for your nice reference to my, though i really do not deserve the credit.:)

Btw, sorry for not being there yesterday, my sis needed the pc for longer than originally anticipated.

Anyway, cant wait for the next chapters!

Cross fingers!

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