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3/14/2010 c1 MisuzuIta
wao... it was so confusing in the middle than i think i was in anxiety like Fai himself! You know, the end was impressive, the chance to the life Fai shuld have had... with the beginning, where we have a Fai which life seemed didn't held any meaning anymore, and suddenly he understand he has still time to do and be what he wants and with the person he wants...
6/27/2009 c1 1Ren Spencer
O.O Whoa. This is... just wow. I'm speechless.
4/3/2008 c1 My-Emo-Sunshine
Oh my gawd.

I just love how you throw Fai back and forth through false realities.

It seems like a hard thing to write, while still having some sort of sense in it.

Epic win for writing this so well.

3/6/2008 c1 17Spirit's Whisper
Normally I give so much longer, wordier, better reviews but all I have to say to this is: Aw. This is so going in my faves and let me tell you- I'm picky. ;)
12/29/2007 c1 25superyuui
BLOODY HELL thats probably the most confusing thing ive ever read XD

i absolutely adored it though =3 well done!
11/7/2007 c1 15WhiteWolfCub
Holy crippers, that was so bizarre. *stares* That was wonderful, and I think I kind of grasped it a bit. *cocks head* Really beautiful, definately.
7/23/2007 c1 21Trial of Ash
It's very interesting, would you be turning this into a multi chapter fic? It has great potential...
7/13/2007 c1 21DemonUntilDeath
That was so sweet! Really confusing at first (I had to double check the summary to see if I was reading an AU!) but extremely worth all the confusion! It only added to the ending and I LOVED the idea of FWR using Fai but putting him in a different world (memory wise, at least) so he wouldn't exactly realize it. That was cool!
7/11/2007 c1 32Azamiko
Whoa, dude! Freaky! Very good job with the cut effect...I had no idea what was going on, but it wasn't irritating at all. It felt like it was leading up to something...

Was that a Fai from another universe...?
7/10/2007 c1 2Akino-Kinoha
Wow, that was great! And confusing..was Fay manipulated into a false reality? And in the end he wakes up? Poor Fay!

I love it!
7/9/2007 c1 23rain angst
Well i am confussed. So was Fay imagining everything at the beginning and at the end is what takes place in tsubasa. What i mean by that is your way of having fei wong reed die and fay mind was in a AU world? It was a really interesting story. Confussing buy good. Kuro and fay are just so cute.
7/9/2007 c1 Yurikitsune


is this talking recent in english releases or japanese releases?

well. .it would make a weird sort of sense either way, and i keep going back and forth on it, so perhaps thats why im slightly confused.



wonderfully written,

i really enjoyed it.
7/9/2007 c1 4Renkin-chan
I like it. I really, really like it. And it made so much sense (if one is up to date on the manga). This idea was so neat, and I loved the way you wrote it. *gives LJW a cookie*

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