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6/12/2008 c2 3BlueImp92
This is a great story! Plz plz plz update soon!
6/2/2008 c4 Loatroll
Very interesting use of lots of characters, very nicely done. Ouchies that could end badly..

Great work so far, and I'm really looking forward to more.
6/2/2008 c4 Shank5
naruto is s coward in his own right babye he could seal all teh yakia into one of his are and give himself a devil bringer or devil triger or what ever it is called te demonic arm in devil may cry. that would be cool to have that.
6/2/2008 c3 Shank5
is it posibly for naurto to rip the best parts from all teh different energya and make one energy sorces like the potencey and regeneration factor frm teh yokia, the carmness and teh element and use of chakra, and the fast restoration and all otehr abiltys fom his mums energy sors and merge them together and and mabye keep his moms enegery in a normal so he has 2 energy sorces it would be esayer
6/1/2008 c4 23Tama Saga
Ayame strikes me as a competent Kunoichi, but she seems a bit generic right now. I mean, she's being trained by Kakashi, but she doesn't seem to be picking up his traits.

The genericness is no problem though, it merely means that she's open to any trait that'll make her special...make her her own character. Maybe a flaw or specialty or something.

Maybe she has a natural talent in breaking barriers. This would be great in the Chuunin exams when the Third is sealed off.

Maybe Gai finds her?

Maybe she becomes friends with Tenten.

Or maybe she's too protective of Naruto, to the point of making bad decisions when he's hurt. Decisions that can cause problems later.


You've brought up the're gonna have to use it in a joke later in the story.


Scandalized! Word of the day for where can I put it.


Hope changed to horror as red yokai filled his body.

- Both Neji and Naruto have hope, so it's not clear which one has the red youkai filling his body. It suggests Neji, but Naruto is a Jinchuuriki.


It seems like Kushina was busy during the dance...but I'm sure the events would stop when the crowd realized a fight was going on. Where did she go?
3/20/2008 c3 20Mrs Hatake Itachi
Nice, do update soon!
3/13/2008 c3 2taintedlegacy
Great story, I think that it would be hilarious if you added in how adding ramen into okonomiyaki turned out. Keep up the good work and update soon!
1/17/2008 c1 marissa
you made naruto an idiot ! XD
12/17/2007 c2 20Mrs Hatake Itachi
Nice, do update soon!
10/28/2007 c2 6mortalone
I like the story, Kyuubi's betrayal and everything. But... Kushina seems a bit too Mary Sue. Where do things go from here now that you have a mother as strong as Kyuubi who has a family that is quite powerful and very supportive? I hope you have this completely planned out start to finish, otherwise you are bound to fall into inevitable traps that await.

Ayame as his cousin. Poop. I was hoping that relationship could develop romantically in an awkward sense, but with her as a cousin, it seems like you'd be pushing it to do that. Gah, well, it was a hope.
10/27/2007 c1 6Demonkid
why do we always have Naruto betray... its something inside of us, lol. Update soon. Most of my stories are angsty, or have some form of angst but the new one I'm trying to write is optimistic and happy-like.
10/27/2007 c1 6Sharkteeth
7/25/2007 c1 donewiththissite

Poor Naru-chan!

Kyuubi! You jerk! *takes out machine gun* How dare you hurt Naru-chan!

Ahem...right...anyways, that was a really good story! I just love the interaction between Naruto and Ayame and her dad! I do hope you plan to continue!
7/20/2007 c1 1Kitsune Kit
7/10/2007 c1 Tsukie Inomoto
It's really good so far! But Kyuubi's an a-hole! How dare he decieve poor little Naruto! *is trying to fight the urge to try and beat Kyuubi to a bloody pulp*

Anyways, please update as soon as possible! Thanks!

~Tsuyoko Inomoto
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