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7/10/2007 c1 6mortalone
Excellent! At first I thought you were just going with a cliche "Yondaime was actually my friend and I was tricked into attacking him," but that ending was pure gold. Way to break the mold! I do enjoy good guy Kyuubi's from time to time, but I would have been sorely disappointed if that was how you would arrange for Kyuubi to be good (that is to say, Kyuubi being "good" should either come with a price, or it should have a deeper plot meaning).

The Naruto/Ayame interaction has been wonderful so far, but please give us more of it (show us more detail). Whether or not they maintain a brother/sister relationship or developing into something more, I'd love to see you continue developing it (and having Naruto show her things he's learned provides the perfect opportunity to do so - since Kyuubi turned out to be bad afterall, there's no reason why he shouldn't go against Kyuubi's earlier advice to not teach her).
7/10/2007 c1 3the-wandering-scribe
Well, that was an interesting turn of events. I wonder what will happen with that flying fire... Anyways, I hope you update the story soon.
7/9/2007 c1 23Tama Saga
Ayame’s eyebrows raised at his loud announcement. “Aren’t you a little young to be Hokage?”

I just had an idea from this line.

What if Naruto answered "yes, but they still made me the Hokage anyway."
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