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for The Cruel Twists of Fate

5/3/2011 c2 1mayzo51184
Oh Wow! I love this story. Poor robin! I can't believe that Robin's gonna have people after her now over the man's death, and his girlfriend's suicide. Wonder if his own girlfriend was connected also to his own death, and that's why she killed herself? Interesting, and I love Scrubs!
11/23/2007 c17 8OliviaLovesFitz8
good chapter i love teh robin and patrick interaction even if it was a little
10/13/2007 c16 20TVHollywoodDiva
great chapter
10/12/2007 c16 8OliviaLovesFitz8
i must say pretty great chapter! i can't wait to see what happens next.
9/28/2007 c15 misfittoys
Poor Robin.

Let's hope this setback will not hurt her recovery.

Hypertension is not something to mess with. Especially

not with HIV.

Update soon.
9/27/2007 c15 20TVHollywoodDiva
poor robin please don't kill her
9/20/2007 c14 Dayssoapfan1984
I'm glad you updated.

Keep it up.

I'm glad Robin got to see both of her parents.

However, lets keep her heeling so she can get out of the hospital.

Update soon.
9/20/2007 c14 8OliviaLovesFitz8
okay so i just started reading this last night and i am loving it! i can't wait for the next chapter, and since i can barely stand gh right now, i have to thank night shift for getting me involved in robina dn patrick althoght leyla is so dumb and stupid... anyway update son!
9/18/2007 c14 20TVHollywoodDiva
so sad
9/13/2007 c13 TVHollywoodDiva
don't kill robin please
9/13/2007 c13 Dayssoapfan1984
Glad to see an update.

Glad Robin is being moved to CCU.

Here's hoping that with super spies for parents an the police

commissioner for an uncle Robin will survive to go on her honeymoon with Patrick.

Update soon.
9/7/2007 c12 TVHollywoodDiva
sweet but sad
9/7/2007 c12 1gymkidz2000
If the good doc is that pissed...then you know what to do. Great job.
9/1/2007 c11 Dayssoapfan1984
I'm glad Robin woke up.

Here's hoping Mac's guards will stkop whomever comes into

her room even with medicine.

Update soon.
8/30/2007 c11 20TVHollywoodDiva
poor robin
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