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11/5/2008 c1 Deleteaccount86268921280682681
9/27/2007 c1 shel
9/3/2007 c1 8The Reviews Lounge
Aww ... I will R&R your chapter fic soon, but I thought a review here would be sufficent for now. =]

I love this, even if it is AU. I'm one of these weird people who wanted Harry to die, and I love the way you wrote this.

7/14/2007 c1 2Dark-Angel09
Wow, I saw this in the 'whats new' section. And I am really anticipating book 7 and that was actually Really Really good. I never really thought of just anything near that. And I dunno just good job. I kinda don't want Harry to die though, but that's just cuz I couldn't even take Sirius's death. I'll bawl if Harry dies I think. Anyways Good Job.

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