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6/30/2015 c1 9RaphieApple
Oh my gosh, the first Soren/Ike friendship story I've ever found! Hallelujah!
6/25/2013 c1 18LoZfan86
Cute! :) Earned a favorite!
10/4/2008 c1 2spygirly
Hey, it wasn't cheesy at all! Very funny. Poor Soren. And I'm glad that for once there's a simple friendship story with Soren and Ike, not another pairing.
5/17/2008 c1 1Doggyears
XD That did bring a smile to my face. Poor Soren.
4/14/2008 c1 Nollypoo
AH! Poor Soren! Wow Ike, I always knew you were an idiot, but really? Lmao this was awesome.
1/31/2008 c1 25Shirosenshi Kisetsu 116
I lovez this story! So cute!
1/3/2008 c1 3The Green Wolf
"When I hurt, I splash water on myself!" Ike announced proudly, actually thinking that he was smart for saying so.

10/10/2007 c1 77Aquatic-Idealist
Hah, lol, quite funny!
8/17/2007 c1 16Mistress DragonFlame
Ahahahaa... Poor Soren.

But wouldn't the water remove the pollen?
7/31/2007 c1 Kagi no Tensai
Hilarious! Hold still and let me dump water on you! ^_^
7/17/2007 c1 1PyroManiacNeko
This Review Contains Spoilers

First off great story. And, in response to your disclaimer thing, in Goddess of Dawn we find out soren is half Black Dragon laguz.
7/15/2007 c1 21FlamingDoritos
Hahaha, that was GREAT! TOTALLY worth reading first thing after a sunburny, mosquito bitey 'vacation'. Hahah...great job!
7/15/2007 c1 1Fanficier
It's not bad at all, it's pretty cool! I don't really know much about Fire Emblem, but still, I got a good picture in my mind cuz of this. Nice work!
7/15/2007 c1 6gurl.from.damnation
What do you mean it's cheesy and stupid...I loved it! And the flashbacks, funny.

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