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7/8/2014 c4 1werehogdog
This really wonderful, are you continuing it?
1/6/2010 c4 1SoryuAleksi
Oh I enjoyed your story so much. Imagining cute little Botta makes me fangirl-squeal... *.* Honestly, I'm just so much into Botta. 3 I loved this fiction. In fact, it kind of inspired me to some fanart with Yuan caressing Young!Botta's hair and little Botta all cheering, haha. It just came into my mind a while ago. ^^

I wish more people would write stories about them.
3/6/2009 c4 6JessiTsuki
Aww. It's an interesting idea that they met when Botta was a child XD
6/30/2008 c4 Firstmate Rouge
Omm! It was so cute. I love Botta and Yuan too. If i made the game they would not of died either, and like you I don't own it either. I think you did a great job with this fic. I am so glad you wrote it. Thanks!

By the way i like the last name of Botta. My friends and I gave him a last name too...Van Orden
12/11/2007 c4 n
Nice Botta tribute! Arthe is a nice name.
9/29/2007 c2 11Mystic Yoshie
Sure you can join the half a dozen of us in the Botta fan club
9/27/2007 c1 Mystic Yoshie
Please update! The Botta fan club is reling on you and I really like this story!
8/1/2007 c4 7Cheea5
This is so cute! I love Indignation to! I even know the chant (How pathetic) 'I call upon thee in the land of the dead to unleash thy fury of thunder, Indignation!' hehehe, lighting magic is my favorite and so is Yuan, it's perfect!
8/1/2007 c4 2screamingedge
*gapes* You encounter the sand worm that easily? Wonder how Lloyd and co. managed to find it after it took a damn INDIGNATION, for heaven's sake...
8/1/2007 c4 1Nasusi

I like that battle against the Earth Worm! And the speech of Botta in the end of the chapter was the same thing that I allways say! Who cares where you come from and where you live!

Anyway, great chapter! Keep it up, okay?
7/31/2007 c4 4Guardian Mikey
I enjoyed it. And the Giant Worm... the one with the Devil's Arms! Am I right? Please say i'm right. Oh, I so hope i'm right.
7/31/2007 c4 Syzhale
heh. no matter how much reviews u get, ill always review ^_^ mostly because i got no life -_- well anywho, thanks for saying i dont need to review anymore! now i just wanna review more out of pity ^_^ i pity you =D not really! i love all your stories... so keep up the great work! UPDATE (or ill tie you to a chair and torture your pathetic soul until you do!) uhh well cant wait da next chap yo!

your favorite stalk- reviewer... -Sychotic
7/25/2007 c3 1Nasusi
Great chapter! Now the story goes to my favorites!

Keep it up! I wanna see how Botta learns magic!
7/25/2007 c3 2screamingedge

I never saw Botta do a Stone Blast, ever. He only used Fireball, Stalgmite, Ground Dasher, and Eruption (I think)...
7/24/2007 c3 Syzhale
Wuzup?... what to say... what to say...

1: Your storys are not bad! just not the best =D (hey id read them anywayz) ;)

2: well DUH of course Raine is useless. (guides say let her use healing moves in boss fights and she always ends up being the one killed -_-)

3: U CRIED! AHAHAHAHAH... ehh i thought about crying there too... it was too emotional... (Regal uses his mana blast thingy to get Lloyd out of jail, but not to get Botta out of a flooding room?)

4: Ok i can see him living... but not him joining your party... oh wow he uses rock moves... cant 2 of yer party members use rock moves already?

5: Great chap yo! keep it up! Just keep it up!

6: wow your getting lotsa reviews XD

Your favorite reviewer fo life yo! -Sychotic
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