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7/24/2007 c3 7Cheea5
I wrote a fanfic were Botta survives (that I really should work on) and I would be thrilled if you read it! Also, I love this story! It's very detailed! Can't wait until next chapter!
7/21/2007 c1 1TheCheeryForgottenUmbrella
Ahaha it was great!...Their meeting,I'm giving you a cherry pie for that!And that "don't get kidnapped" made me laugh really hard. Oh,and I'm adding this to my favs too!Update!
7/16/2007 c2 2screamingedge
Well, that's a werid lesson- Never be kidnapped? XD
7/16/2007 c2 1Nasusi
You can use that OC again, I like her!

By the way, if you like Yuan and Botta so much, you HAVE to take a look at Tales of Doodles - the valentines special, if you didn't yet.

It's really funny!
7/16/2007 c2 1Fanficier
Botta is either too polite or has the words 'miss' and 'sir' planted into his brain. I think it might be the 2nd one...anyways, I liked this chapter lots. Just for this chapter, I'm putting this on favorites! *Moves mouse to click check mark on 'Add story to my Favorite Stories list*

I've also always wanted to see Botta's point of view when he was attacking the Temple of Martel to try and kill Colette...that'd be cool. Anyways, nice job! Keep up the good work!
7/16/2007 c2 Syzhale
Aw dont feel bad :( u still got me your favorite reviewer!;)... right? right! RIGHT? uhh anywho the only thing i got no clue about is this... ive heard 5 different spellings of the word "jeeze"? Does anyone really know how to spell that word? (and no im not talkin t-h-a-t w-o-r-d) Well grea- err good ;) chapter... whew almost said great -_- XD aww im just kidding XD well keep it up!... or not (keep it up) (oh... UPDATE)

Pft u already know im yer fav ;D -Sychotic

"Lord Internet, glory to the comming age of ToS FanFiction!"
7/15/2007 c1 Syzhale
Epic?... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA AHAHA... whew good one! and HA i only got beaten by him once :P (only cause i had everyones techs turned off -_-) but for serious another good good story :P

jeep it up... or not (keep it up)

Your favorite reviewer ;)(XD) Sychotic

"Lord Internet, glory to the coming age of ToS FanFiction!"
7/15/2007 c1 1Nasusi
Good job, again! I wondered before how Botta came to the renegades... I like this version!

Botta is really says "sir" very much...
7/15/2007 c1 1Fanficier
I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop from laughing at some parts. It's so true that Botta says 'sir' all the time, it's like in everyone of his sentences.

Still, I like the explanation of how Botta and Yuan met, it was pretty sweet! I give you an...A+! Another good piece.
7/15/2007 c1 Wyrrvn
I'm too lazy to log in.


This gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. I love your symphonia fics. You're getting better at receding the over-descriptive nature of your writing. I remember the beginning of (my favorite fic of all time that caused my sudden lust for one-sided Lloyd/Kratos crack) First Aid, it was hard to tell what you were talking about.


I actually can't get my hands on some one-sided Lloyd/Kratos crack. Make some. Pretty please. With a naked Zelos on topIMEANCHERRY. Aha.
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