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for Heart of a Sith

5/30 c4 Scarease
So watch him .
5/30 c2 Scarease
Sheila emotions so emperor does not feel them then find wa kill rinkled basterd .Why want son become a Sith consider what that all make person ,violent ,sociapthic ,cruel ,uncaring ,unable to love and like be twisted into monster like Sidious ,himself or worse do think any father would want that life for his child .His family lives what reason does have remain loyal to his tormentor .plus save Galaxy from Sidious likely get big point for wife .
3/17 c5 Inquisitor
One thing that is bothering me: If Vader can transplant his organs via cloning...why can't Luke? Kind of makes the whole reason for needing Vader moot to begin with.
3/4 c130 1mount.tacoma
I read the story a few months ago, but I left no review. I think I should do that. This story is one of the better ones AU stories I've read. There are things, here and there, that are not logical, but the idea and writing style are good. Thank you.
2/28 c130 Guest
This story is so so beautiful, truly one of the best Star Wars fics I've ever read
11/23/2020 c130 6Sorceress of Stories
This is a very good story. I like how expansive your knowledge of Star Wars is and how you portray the characters. It's very good.
9/24/2020 c130 4Skairipa1337
I can't even express how many emotions passed through me as I read this story. it's an absolute masterpiece in my eyes. Thanks for writing this, no matter how many years ago it was last updated.
9/4/2020 c4 Guest
That you can talk about organ regeneration for Vader in almost the same breath as Luke still needing a kidney transplant boggles my mind. Either this tech exists and therefore Luke doesn't need a transplant since they could replicate (or print?) a kidney... or it doesn't and Vader needs help through some other mechanism...
6/18/2020 c130 Guest
Wow it was such as beautiful story. Got me crying at the end. Thank you ️
5/25/2020 c102 1WarmFrenchfry
I mean it was pretty bold when he stormed the Jedi temple when it still had Jedi masters in it...
5/22/2020 c2 WarmFrenchfry
To be honest all organs would have to do is put a blaster shot into Vader’s control panel to disable it
5/2/2020 c13 Jennee77
Did you ever read the comic about Vaders Doctors assistant? She was like madly in love with him and he didn't know she existed. Your Doctor character reminds of her. But your character isn't as delusional. She had all these crazy fantasies about Vader. It's really off the wall but it is a good read.
4/25/2020 c1 dragonfox123
Interesting chapter and plot and idea
3/1/2020 c130 Raven J. Haile
This was breathtaking. I'm glad I read it.:3
2/13/2020 c19 Guest
Poor Andrew...
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