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6/16 c130 15DarthRavager86
Read this once before a few years back, but forgot to leave a review at the end. A mistake on my part, as this is one of the best stories I have ever read.
6/6 c64 Ltbutterfly287
How the fuck does blood gush from a grievous wound when it’s immediately cauterized by a lightsaber?
6/6 c61 Ltbutterfly287
What the actual fuck was that dream? The royal guard couldn’t do shit to Vader and what on earth is a “force pike” there weapons aren’t particularly special. Besides Vader/anakin with a restored body given how in tune he is with the force would immediately surpass sidious in every regard and he could quite honestly stroll into the palace and slaughter everyone in his path and then have some difficulty with killing sidious but nothing to hard. Like I said before you’ve made everyone but sidious essentially normal people.
6/6 c42 Ltbutterfly287
I hate you, you really are pushing drama to hard and your involvement of solo was ridiculous as well.
6/6 c40 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly you do baffle me, you put so much emphasis on medicine but nothing on the force. If Luke or leia really wanted to contact Vader given the bond they have already developed they could very well easily reach him through the force. You are treating force sensitives like normal people when. They simply aren’t.
6/6 c35 Ltbutterfly287
So you go from medical shit to drama.
6/6 c32 Ltbutterfly287
How on earth would the facilities you placed on that level nearly double the power output of a star destroyer? That’s a lot of power
6/6 c31 Ltbutterfly287
I’m going to be honest with you no one hat isn’t a force sensitive would understand anything about the light and dark side. The fact that they started saying he fell to the dark side and he will try to turn his kids is laughable because they simply don’t know what they are talking about.
6/6 c30 Ltbutterfly287
Really slick way to force Han Solo into the story
6/6 c29 Ltbutterfly287
There is always one health issue after another in this story. It’s a good story but holy shit the emphasis on health is way to dominant. Another problem I have is that you don’t seem to understand technology in Star Wars. They have reached a point that you don’t need specific tissue sample to produce something. With enough cells you can’t make an entire person you don’t need lung and hear tissue for it. The fact that she’s going to open up like to get lung tissue is a testament of how much you underestimate cloning.
6/6 c27 Ltbutterfly287
Unless your telling me that padme was pregnant with the twins for 3 years then it is quite honestly impossible for her to be pregnant then.
6/6 c25 Ltbutterfly287
Ok I gotta say it again but I have really grown tired from all this medical shit you keep bringing up. Also the whole ptsd bullshit is stupid and far more reasonable to have if she actually was raped. Lastly you and mostly everyone seems to misunderstand sidious, when Vader learned the truth that Luke is his son he started working to overthrow sidious. And sidious was aware of his actions and was happy that Vader was doing so. If Vader was trying g to heal himself in preparation of fighting sidious the man would be damn near gleeful because it means that at least to sidious Vader is finally being a true sith.
6/5 c22 Ltbutterfly287
I’m starting to get really fucking annoyed with the fact that this story has been 90% medical shit. Honestly it’s kind of ridiculous because you provide modern wait times for everything when their medicine is obvious more advanced. Hell they probably would even need to open someone up all that much to get a lung tissue sample. The kidney problem was ridiculous cause they would more then likely have a cure by now and even if they didn’t the fact that you made Vader the only viable donor in the galaxy was fanciful. But honestly I don’t know why you felt the need to put such an excessive emphasis on medicine and surgery.
6/5 c19 Ltbutterfly287
Just wearing the suit wouldn’t do anything if his limbs are back. Vader’s sheer power in the force would essentially double and sidious would feel it. Hell if Vader was fully healed he would immediately surpass sidious in every way.
4/5 c1 Guest
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