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for A Shadowed Soul

3/24 c26 Soren
The story is pretty awesome, the author took the most used shots in the Potterverse fanfiction and made it awesome, that is to say Harry Potter who disappears and has the griffindor leadership. It's great because Harry sees Dumbledore realistically, a manipulator but plays his game while remaining under his influence, he does not try to denigrate him by insulting him with every word and don't say all the time, look at me! I am the BWL ect. That's great so thank you
3/19 c26 HARVEY'S GIRL
Superb! Than you for having the perseverance to see this to the end. You did a great job. It was worth the wait.
3/14 c26 Teame
It was great, I wish I had your talent. Thank you.
3/14 c10 jimmy.oz
Too be honest i expected him to have killed some more death eaters by now or even some how make sure Lucius is dead.
3/14 c9 jimmy.oz
Really hope he doesn't get the blood he wants from shadow. wonder if he will ever go with the name harry potter again or not. it is funny seeing him so friendly with snape considering he is one of the reasons he has no parents lol.
3/10 c26 aemilyl24
Wow, great story! Thanks
3/10 c18 Guest
stuff like this chapter is what ruins it for the story.
3/10 c2 Guest
hahah so ridiculous xD
3/9 c26 alittlelate
Wow what a journey, it's crazy to think that after almost 16 years this story has come to and end, what a nostalgia. Thank you for the amazing content hope to read more of your work soon, preferably with faster updates ;)
3/8 c26 Wolfric
Congratulations on finishing your fine story. Thanks for writing. W.
3/8 c26 3Dwarven HP fan
Thanks for the great story. I wish you much joy in life.
3/8 c26 6Mad about the Boro
Congrats! It's been a wild ride...
3/8 c6 Eliazar Chandra
This is pathetic
3/5 c26 Chrisman909
Wonderful story. Thank you.
3/3 c26 RAV
thanks for a great story and giving us an ending
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