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3/4/2013 c6 1Rumicwarrior22
HAHAHAHA AWESOME LATIN HARRY POTTER STYLE MOVE OMI DID! LOL! I really loved that. I really look forward for Chapter 7. I love Azumanga Daioh and PMD. And if a great author like you crossovers it... bam! I really love your jokes too (my grandma thinks I'm weird since I've been laughing a whole while now) Anyway, keep it up and good luck! (-)
4/15/2008 c6 6sandrilenefatoren2
Raspberry muffin heaven review!

"Bothering Snape" ah, the memories...

And of course Potter Puppet Pals wouldn't be complete without uzzis. NYEEHEEHEEHEE!
9/4/2007 c1 3Ebony Starstorm
Those people spamming for the sake of Spam need to learn...

You will go down, one way or another.
9/2/2007 c1 8Black Archangel
Now, see, when I said, "Your throat or your reviews" I was under the impression I'd get reviews that actually meant something. Now I can see I was sadly mistaken. Hopefully someone rips out YOUR throat so you can stop this pointless flaming.
8/3/2007 c6 Subterranean Renaissance Faire
I laughed at the Potter Puppet Pals part. God, it's been a while since I saw that. XD Have you seen the "follow the butterflies" part? Ron gets his head shot off.

Yeah. Random. (click on the green star in the avada kedavera curse)


You made me incredibly happy. If you can't guess why then no muffin for you. -hides muffin-

Oh, and as soon as I saw the tubes part, the first two things that came to mind where: 1. ZOMG IT'S WAR OF THE WORLDS ALL OVER AGAIN! and 2. -team rocket theme music pops into head-

Yeah. Keep writing awesomeness and maybe I will give youo another muffin.

8/3/2007 c5 Plaid-Chuck-Taylors
A cup of coffee: $1.00

A Lucario-crazed Alakazam: Priceless

Please continue! I would like to see more of what I talked about up there in your fic. ^_^
7/29/2007 c5 Subterranean Renaissance Faire

I sense... some of these ideas from yonder other place?

But where? The butler did it!

Yar. nice keeping them er, "in character". Well, at least what I have given them. Nice. -throws spark plug at Matsuda's head-

But yesh, you must update with more awesomeness... or I shall be forced to do something random off screen. Ho ho ho!

But that really makes no difference if we'll both be gone all next week...

So update more when you get back and sooner or later I shall come back and review!

Good day to you, my kind sir.


Oh and did you know; the first product Sony came out with was the rice cooker?

And in most advertisements, the time displayed on a watch or clock is usually 10:10
7/28/2007 c4 35Wait.What
I love this fic! It's so funny! I love it how you added the Fourth Generation pokemon. I also love that the people that they're trying to rescue keep getting eaten by Staraptors.
7/27/2007 c4 Subterranean Renaissance Faire
YAY! Go you! Awesomeness, as usual.

Speaking of AzuMinors, I should be updating that today. If not today, then tomorrow for sure. With your Osaka-meets-Matsuda idea. So sorry it took so long... ^^;

Anyways, keep up the great work.

7/26/2007 c3 Subterranean Renaissance Faire
OMG. Life as we know and love it is coming to an end. You updated! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. ^^;

Anyways. You got the game? What did you think? What did you turn out as? Chikorita, I guess?

Lovely. I can't wait for more. Please continue or else I will have to get all annoying.

And thanks for recommending one of my fics. Yay! -tacklehugglomp-

And it should be Matsuda and Wada. 'Cause they are the pure win and awesome.

7/16/2007 c2 Subterranean Renaissance Faire
Ha ha, return of the dreaded -facepalm-.

Darn you. Once again, I laughed, at the same time I was eating a peanut butter sandwich. Good thing my mom knows the Heimlich maneuver.

See? SEE! You got another review! It's just that there are so many more fics being posted in the Pokemon section then, say, the Azu'Daioh corner. It'll just take time, but you'll get more reviews. I know it.

Keep your writing. It entertains me so. -evil person laugh-
7/16/2007 c2 153Emma Iveli
Mystery Dunegeon plus Crack plus Azumanga Daioh equels one extreamly funny fic... I love it and I hope that you coninute soon.

Also I think you want to read my mystery Deunogeon cross over Go! Team Ninja Sentai Pirate King!(if you havn't read it already) Chiyo-Chan is in it and she's a Piplup (whcih fits if you really think about it), she's the voice of reasion and the brains of the group.

Anyways as I've said befor great fic.
7/16/2007 c1 Subterranean Renaissance Faire
Wow, that made me laugh. XD You did a great job. So far. And Buttefrees are evil, I knew it all along. D: -does happy dance- Okies, can't wait for more. I do believe this has motivated me to start playing Mystery Dungeon again. Now if only I could get motivated to write something. Hm.

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