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for Big Girls Don't Cry

7/31/2015 c1 21HaliXAlice
8_8 X')
10/11/2007 c1 Stephanie120
Wow.That was touching.
9/7/2007 c1 1Millie-pops
So...sad...but great! I loved it and...to be honest...I cried. i admit it okay? -sniff- It's not my fault. Anyway, I found this so dramatically and beatifully written. I like a sad fiction everyonce in a while. But I've only ever cried once at a fic before, which shows how awesome this really is!

This song was 'my song' for about a month. But then I reaslied I liked Clumsy by Fergie way more. But still, I was singing as I read along. It made me feel...warmly content.

My cuddly magnetic Giraffe, Middleburg (Don't even ask about the name, long story), who I always keep stuck to the side of my laptop was giving me sad eyes while I was reading this. I think he reads fics along with me, and his eyes tell me how he feels. So Middleburg liked it too.

Anyway, keep up the awesome and uber sweet work,

TotalTVAddict a.k.a. Millie
7/17/2007 c1 98KNDfreak
My sister use to sing (she can't sing.) this and when I heard it I fell in love with it. Good job!

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