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for Naruto Fullmoon Rising

5/26/2008 c2 Fuoco Baisse
So AWESOME! cool plot! hope you up-date very soon! and I specially love the supernatural things, can't wait to read What Happens next XD!

Good Luck Writting the Next Chapter


4/25/2008 c2 pyro357
update soon
2/25/2008 c2 16animefan29
Well I like your story. It has a good concept and interesting plot. However there is some bad. I am primarily talking about how your writing is inconsistant. I see proper nouns that are lower-case. I see some minor spelling errors thrown in every now and then. If you need help for spelling of names or techniques then I suggest going to




I wrote it like that to prevent any chance the e-mail filter would block it.
1/16/2008 c2 Rowie94
sick mate awesome story, as good as ur angels blood story so far. is naruto in an intimate relationship with his roommate, if he is can u make her go with someone else and naruto go with hinata like he SHOULD! anyway keep it up and hurry the next chapter out
1/5/2008 c2 6Midnight Kaito
that was great hope that you update soon and that you keep up the absolutely great job keep it up yatta!
10/19/2007 c2 WolfLord04
oh my word your grammar needs to be corrected you have alot of the words spelled wrong.
10/18/2007 c2 3Demondog666
Alright finally! Then again, I haven't updated my stories in awhile so I'm not one to talk. Great chapter though you need to work on punctuations.
9/21/2007 c2 Morgan Daratrazanoff
Update soon!
7/17/2007 c1 PaulRap Raptor
You had a lot of grammar errors and you spelled most of the charters names wrong. Go to a Naruto fansite and get the names. The one I go to is theres no w. they're are others out there find one you like.
7/17/2007 c1 Death Incarnate
I really like the story idea thats pretty cool. But you desperately need to improve on grammer. Other than that I would like to see where this is going please update soon
7/17/2007 c1 Morriganna
A lot of misspellings of character names. "Uzumaki" and "Dosu" are just two examples. Please go to Wikipedia and get the correct character spellings for Naruto. It's not hard to do. Also, please correct your grammar and spelling, they were very bad in this chapter.

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