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for The Victorious Horcrux

1/28/2021 c1 13R.V.Wells
I honestly can't say how very impressed I am. This fic alone would have made a novel, when watered down with more inconsequential happenings in the characters' life (most writers lay in the opposite side of the spectrum, rendering their writings, entirely inconsequential). Reading you is a bit like working with pure, unadulterated gold. You must be an extraordinary worldbuilder.
12/20/2018 c1 Cateagle
Very fascinating and interesting story and a most believable set of developments. I quite like it and think it more plausible, in many ways, than canon. Bravo, Sir! A most excellent work.
6/12/2018 c1 32Jake Crepeau
Wow. Just...wow. I am seriously impressed by this story. I think the "setting the stage" part was the most well-thought-out treatise on Soul/Spirit magic I've ever even imagined, much less seen.
8/27/2012 c1 tricorvus
You're better than JK herself. That was better than that schlock she came up with for an epilogue...
11/14/2010 c1 rekrula
i like the originality and cleverness of the premise behind this story. i did not like the first half of the story itself. i actually skimmed it rather quickly, then went back and read more, but i didn't like it. i liked very much the last half, where you actually started telling a story. thanks for sharing. if you ever decide to rewrite this into a longer, more story-telling style, i think it could be wonderful. you do a lot of telling, rather then showing. but i still enjoyed the idea.
9/14/2010 c1 25Ema Marsel
I want to apologize for my quick to assume the worst. Thank you for the clear up review, and I actually LOVED this story. It was a great read and interesting.

I hope to look forward to your work in the future.
2/1/2008 c1 6DaxLP
Odd, I've never seen a SCIENTIFIC one before. If you could possibly do an update so that it complies with DH? Other than that it ws quite well written.

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