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8/13/2017 c1 Fredrickson the 96th
Woah, this is dark... like... really dark! Depressing, even! No saving grace whatsoever! Heh... guess there really are people who like spreading negativity... Never understood them and never will...
9/22/2009 c1 6Joanne Amelia
ay, it's over. sawi na ako. :((

COOL STORY! So totally awesome. :D even if I have never heard about the characters mentioned, or the story the fic's based on, for that matter. =))

so so so sad. :( I heart it. :" 3
8/28/2008 c1 4akkeyroomi
WOAH!adik sa kasentihan..gud job..very touching...so sad...so sad...
1/22/2008 c1 18Horselvr4evr123
Wow, kinda dark and depressing, doesn't reveal much. However, it's great nonetheless. ^^ Are you planning a series of one-shots that have to do with each other? That'd be cool. Although, depending on how many, you might as well combine them into a continuous story.

Keep up the great work! ^^
7/18/2007 c1 27mangafreak7793
that was cold...but good
7/18/2007 c1 Justicez
well written and slightly poetic, although i must say that it had a horrible ending. Anyway, keep up the good work, see you in your next fic

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