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7/9/2008 c1 13MoonlitElegy
The random question Kaoru popped up was certainly amusing to an extent where I also laughed.

How lovely.
12/3/2007 c1 spirit-mage-234
Good story.

The last part was a little random,

and somewhat threw off the atmosphere (in my perspective),

but other than that, good job.
7/31/2007 c1 55HourOpera
Weird...but, really, really good... Thank you for writing this. It made me silently laugh.
7/23/2007 c1 4BeyondNow
No, that was great. Sweet and fun.
7/20/2007 c1 4Lady Koh

Very cute.
7/20/2007 c1 3Plyric
First off, intriguing summary... without that, I wouldn't have bothered to open this story. ;)

Boring? Only the beginning, but that's because avid fans hate story recaps, lol. You know what? Don't worry about if you wanna put a recap in your story though; if it's essential to the story, which it is to this one, go for it! :)

Wordy? Nah, you did fine. Full of OOCness? Hm, in my personal opinion, yes for Kenshin and Kaoru (based on the way I have their personalities solidified inside my mind), but again, YOU are the author. If you wanna write OOC, go for it! Besides, that OOCness is what made this story's ending so hilariously cute! I typically hate OOC stories unless they're seriously AU, but this was VERY cute... left me chuckling amusedly at the end. Very good for your first story!
7/19/2007 c1 2SuoSopuli28
Oh man! You've got some nerve to make Kaoru aks that! And I loved it! It kept me laughing for a long, long while... A little OOC but good. By The Way I would like to read a sequel, if you'd write one...

Anyway Keep doing on what you're doing!
7/19/2007 c1 7HoratiosGurl4Eva
That was a really great story! I loved how Kaoru felt insecure and Kenshin made her feel better about herself.
7/19/2007 c1 raven-haired angel
nice story..and, yes, kenshin is totally ooc in your story..but i liked it..it makes it different..:)..maybe you should, like, make it a two-shot..
7/19/2007 c1 9Ridicully L
This is fun! Kenshin needs more boobs in his life.

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