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7/19/2017 c1 chestnutpoby
so cute, so perfect... love it
11/18/2016 c1 12bleachfanficfanatic
This was brilliantly precious and I loved it!
5/23/2015 c1 18Valkyriav
Very cute!
3/21/2014 c1 3Pixychick84
Dawwww that was sweet :) You know I always thought these to would make a good pair if Ichigo didnt work out :) They balnce eathother out,wonderful job!
6/28/2013 c1 Yudaina
Awh, this is so sweet. I really love this one shot.
2/27/2013 c1 1JasminDragon92
2 words: sweet & funny XD
11/8/2012 c1 sakR9
i love it!

I wanted more description of the kiss, but i loved Orihimes reaction.
6/16/2012 c1 68Agatha-Naomi
this is the first ishihime fic i ever read, and i read it before i had an account on here so i didn't review. i even forgot what it was called so i eventually just went though all the ishihime fics and found it! its so well written and descriptive, and i'm so happy i found i again so that i can read it more .
11/18/2010 c1 12Jaque Weasley

She is so adorable *¬*

Bet Ishida wan't expecting THAT.

Marvelous ;)
6/22/2010 c1 19Lover of Stories 24
This really made me smile. :) Insane fluff, bright and cute and sweet, and very very Orihime. I loved it. Ishida being obsessive over her hair, the kiss, him squeaking, Orihime smiling and skipping along - hopefully not into a car... xD It was all amazing. The IshiHime shipper in me has drank and is satisfied... Your writing is just so funny and beautiful.

It really made me happy, because I could just see the happy Orihime again. A changed Orihime, yes, more mature and more experienced. But a happy Orihime again, with the knowledge of her experience, and still childlike and ditzy and lovable and cute... I love that. And of course Ishida-kun was adorable.

Thank you for sharing this sweet brilliance with the world. ♥
4/25/2010 c1 dancingunderthemoonlight
The was incredible. 8D You are amazingly talented. I love how you were able to make everything happen while they were still in character. Keep writing awesome stories like this. :)
1/20/2010 c1 o0tyarah0o

*dies from fluff-induced overload*
1/16/2010 c1 UlquiorraCiferfan4

poor ishida

so cute

u shud continue or sumthing

i loved it
9/27/2009 c1 sakR9

I would write that a thousands times but that would be annoying :3

I loved it~
8/10/2009 c1 6CurlyHairedDemon
aw this is really sweet and cute! you have some great descriptions; I especially like the one where his head "spun like a merry-go-round"

Great job!
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