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for Black Flames Dance In The Wind: Rise of Naruto

9/29 c1 CHILD PORN
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9/16 c3 ddh38361
no way this nigga just went to the shadow realm
9/9 c25 reaperking2003
What a fucking shit story.

Pulling random Deus ex machina bullshit out of your ass, pick a fucking lane. Edgy, horny, comedic or action don't fucking hopscotch
8/20 c26 Daynieg
Yep, still hate her.
8/20 c24 Daynieg
Fantastic! Much laughs had.
7/21 c55 Hitman.0470
Hey Jason, I just wanted to pop in and say that I've been reading this since HIGH SCHOOL man. O.O
Seriously, I started reading your Tamers story (RIP) then got hooked on Black Flames and TO THIS DAY I will go back and re-read it to catch up.
Never give up, never surrender.
Ignore the haters and stick with the dream.
God willing this will be an unofficial manga someday.
Thanks again for the dedication man, looking forward to the next chapter!
6/30 c53 Sly-carrots
this chapter was perfect IMO, love this story and appreciate your talent.
5/20 c55 2nightprowler77
pls update
5/3 c2 Guest
Ok u mention rape cool, but why it has to be anyone who Naruto gets with and yes I believe so it's easy to read when it comes to these what if's ️.
4/25 c12 Deviluke Zicor
When did the Author say Kushina was alive? Why is she call Arashi/minato “my love” when she had more kids? And from what I just read I’m assuming she slept with multiple men
4/16 c1 yourfoxydope
3/24 c26 brutus
Crummy chapter and worse finish...

Really not liking where you are taking this right now.
3/14 c21 Jamie Charlton
Should of knocked her unconscious and left
3/8 c11 Jimmy Emtyed Wolfendale
I read your explanations of creatures at the end in the voice of the guy that explains things in the guide for the mass effect trilogy
3/5 c1 Guest
This story is the reason I read it was the 1st one I ever read please don’t give up on it I need it to be completed
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