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10/11/2011 c21 1bjq
Jackie and Steven

MIckey and Alexdrina

everyone should have true love
10/10/2011 c1 Sigh
I am not going to continue this story until someone either votes on my poll on who Jackie should pick or PM me who she should pick...

just stomp your feet and throw a tantrum already
10/10/2011 c21 Ghost 1247
Jackie & Hyde please, some guys you have to hit over the head to make them realize what they have right in front of them !
10/5/2010 c19 yo
You seriously need to improve your basic grammar and punctuation rules.
10/18/2008 c18 27Miss Lavender Sky
OH MY GOSH! I wanna read more! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

10/18/2008 c7 Miss Lavender Sky
Elizabeth Swann and Reverand Camden. Lol. Aren't those names from Pirates and 7th Heaven? Lol. I am loving it so far.

10/18/2008 c2 Miss Lavender Sky
Ooh. He's an interesting character.

10/18/2008 c1 Miss Lavender Sky

7/20/2007 c4 5TechnoPirate
chapter 4 was sorta graphic... but ive read worse. lol, anyway, good so far. update.
7/20/2007 c3 Raqndomer
hm well i like it but you could go into more detail and the story is going a bit fast but its good update soon.

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