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for When Will You Love Me?

12/30/2019 c28 Guest
Please continue this series. I stayed up all night to read it because I couldn't wait to see what happens next.
7/1/2016 c28 lexia the beautiful wolf
Please update! I love this story it's so sweet
10/13/2014 c28 3Oriental Otaku
You've got a nice story going here. I coudn't stop reading. I hope the sorcerer will soon be dealt with and koga will soon be freed. Can't wait to see how this story ends. Keep it up! :)
10/12/2014 c15 Oriental Otaku
Oh wow will inuyasha really do as kikyo has asked? Onward for more!
10/12/2014 c9 Oriental Otaku
Wow... Onward for more. :)
10/6/2014 c28 1call.me.thal
3/9/2014 c28 Kogita
Continue please! This is good!
10/19/2013 c28 sakura ookami
don't stop there you have finally got to koga
6/26/2013 c28 Lexie42
I'm now obsessed with another one of your stories this one needs updated too! Hehe
5/18/2013 c28 1Lishous
You can not leave us at a cliff hanger UPDATE PLEASE
2/25/2013 c28 1kagome past and present
How did you not tell me you were writing a Kouga Kagome story?! How come I didn't look until yesterday? This is fantastic! I'm a such a sucker for a good KaxKo story!

Love this[:
12/13/2012 c1 ellie
i love your story so really, really, really want to know when your'e going to write another chapter!
11/29/2012 c28 ellie
love the story but when will you be updating
11/5/2012 c28 ellie
i hope that you write new chapters!
10/28/2012 c28 1Katintadahat
I love this story! I'm so eager to see the next chapter :D
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