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for My Feline Gentleman

3/24/2015 c14 1Venefica Riddle
I loved this. 3
1/13/2015 c14 5Forgotten Song Bird
Beautiful, just wonderful. I loved the interactions and dialogue of Muta and Toto with Baron and Haru. The entire story was fantastic and lovely, it brought joy to my heart. Thabk you for the wonderful masterpiece
4/25/2014 c14 1EclipseKuran
That was amazing.
1/26/2014 c14 Guest
Love it. Hahaha grapefruit diet, lol.
That part was my favorite. This is like the third or forth time I read this with a smile on my face and laughing at the funny parts.

Your story is one of a kind full of passion, love, excitement, comedy, fantasy, adventure and excellence. Believe in yourself always.

Remember the words that Baron would say. Trust yourself. Always smile with confidence.

From A fan of Anime, Chibi studio, fanfiction and manga.
7/15/2013 c14 62blackfire93
LOOOOOOVVVVVEEED it keep writting ! )
7/2/2013 c14 3YellowWolfy
Love your story! Funny that they were gonna take it slow, but still married after knowing each other for just a couple of months And special thanks for the music tip! Lol, Grapefruit Diet is awesome :)
3/10/2013 c14 18PrincessoftheShadowsofDestiny
just as good as all the rest yarning chick. I think i'm just going to call you yar though. how are you such a ridiculously good author while i am only getting started on being good? whatever you still rock yarn!
2/17/2013 c14 E-man-dy-S
This story is wonderfull.
2/6/2013 c6 5Mystera II

Normally I don't make a habbit of sending in any mistakes I find in a story, but I love yours so much, that I HAVE to tell you just in case you would like to correct it.

It's nothing major, only this little line:

"I assume from your investigations that you've heard our myths about the midnight flower sprites?" Humbert nodded.

As Baron is still a little wooden at this moment I assume that you might have wanted to write Haru nodding her head.

Well, back to reading!
1/18/2013 c14 114BrokenBlackCat
I love this! Absolutely perfect! X3333
11/23/2012 c14 14Jacquelina-Comm
Normally I don't go in for Baron x Haru stories, since one is a one-foot-tall figurine and the other is a five-foot-something human girl, but this story makes it work. Cool-o. Thanks for the great story. :D
8/8/2012 c14 Haras Noxim
I loved this story so much, I read it twice over before my heart couldn't take it anymore and I had to find a box of tissues to stop the tears because it was over! I'm hoping to death that a sequal to this will come out, because you are an incredible writer!

This story, in all the chapters, kept me on edge, laughing, and crying all at the same time that my brain was having a hard time processing it and my heart was about ready to burst! The good kind of burst though, because I see myself in the very near future coming back to this story just to read it again and again (Etc...Etc...)!

With love, passion, and gratitude for writing such an amazing story,

P.S. If you ever consider writing a squeal, I'm just wanting to inform you that you may get sent a letter of my death due to Over Happiness Syndrom. Haha!
4/25/2012 c14 25Link Fangirl01
I think this may be my favorite out of all your stories, most of which I've read. It was shorter, simpler, and downright more lighthearted than anything you wrote later on. I /love/ that in a fic. It had a good pace to it, and it's the sort of story I can read cover to cover, time and again, and STILL get a kick out of.

(Incidentally, this was my second read-through.)

It was also a delightful take on why Baron is a wooden cat doll. The explanations and backstory you came up with, they're really really clever.

2/27/2012 c14 1underneonlights
This was just... BEAUTIFUL!... WONDERFUL!...AMAZING!...and just simply PERFECT! I love every bit of it and i enjoyed it from beginning to finish! And wow, your first fanfic? You did a fantastic job! Keep it up! This the best i read so far and i just love the movie The Cat Returns. Haru and Baron make a perfect couple. I enjoyed this fanfic so much thankyou for creating this! :)
12/25/2011 c14 Natasha
Oh my goodness I absolutely adored this fanfic *squel* ^-^ you did an amazing job!
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