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for Path of the Not So Righteous Warrior

8/8/2014 c8 AnimeFreak71777
I was wondering if your story ever got adopted, and if so, by who?
5/27/2010 c8 Kiyofugi
well gawd damn it! i 4got this was ur story too its totally awesome by the way! it would be nice if you continued ur stories...ill maybe even be able to give you some ideas & stuff (not co-write cuz i cant write for shit). so are you really gonna give up on these stories? cuz the plot & how its written is truly a wonderful masterpiece xD sigh i really was lookin forward to the updates T_T o well... thanks for replying to my review to the other adoption notice.
5/4/2008 c7 2mrk33
What an original plot. I look forward to more chapters.
update soon
4/6/2008 c7 KazeKaname
I love the story line and the way you detail things. I hope to read more from you, in other words update please!
2/22/2008 c7 7Knyghtshade
ooh. don't leave us hangin!
1/25/2008 c7 3saisei.shinsei

I'm new to this fic, and I just read it all in one go. It's fantastic! Very well written, and you've developed the characters in an interesting and unique way.

I ~do~ have some questions, though... Itachi's demon is a 'tengu', right? That means goblin, I think. So, Itachi looks like a goblin? . Kinda hard to imagine, unless that's not what it means. Explain, please? Anyway, I can't wait until we get to see some jinchuriki!Itachi arse-kicking.

Secondly, some questions about the war. It's because of what? One of Konoha's allies is involved, or something? I thought that could be explained a little better, unless you're planning on going into more detail later on. As far as I understand, Kirigakure no Sato declares war on a boatload of independant mini-nation such as Cha no Kuni and Tsuki no Kuni, along with Mizu's allies; Ame, Kemuri and or course, Orochimaru. However, I still don't see how Konoha factors into it. Unless, the lands under attack are part of Hi no Kuni? Either way, please clarify on that, via PM. Thanks.

Lovely story, dispite my criticism. ^_^

Please keep up the good work.

11/25/2007 c7 1Unwritten Scene
WAAH THIS is one of the best fan fictions I've read! it's completly and totaly originaly, I've thought about making Itachi a vessel in my story but I dind't know if people would like it, but your story is awsome!
11/15/2007 c5 9Raewolf
Okay, love the story a lot and I like the idea of Saskue getting jealous of Naruto's relationship with Itachi (and not realizing what KIND of relationship it is!) however, I'd appreciate the avoidence of incest. (especially, as you've said, they wouldn't come within a million miles of being together.

Keep writing!

11/12/2007 c7 39Love Psycho know...that might have happened if Naruto had left. Everything would just go down hill and people wouldn't understand until it was too late. Cookies for you!
11/6/2007 c7 ddd
finally udpated.
11/6/2007 c7 23Saniwa
You actually did your homework. Most authors won't pay much attention to the details of land and politics. And yes, I salute you for that. And, uh, more imbalanced than canon!Sasuke is LOVE. But where's the ItaNaru action? Want more, and yeah, I know Naruto's still 10(?) years old XD Aside than that, will there be another Akatsuki member than replace Itachi's place?

~ m a y ~
11/6/2007 c7 1RaitenKitsune
update ASAP
11/6/2007 c7 6Pirate Bo
Bo: YATTA! Naru-chan shall live! Haku and Zabuza hmm... I'm not so sure I like it. I would rather them be living where Naru-chan should be but yeah. Them living their for now is good. XD I feel sorry for Hinata. Though I do usually hate her, I like her in this story. :D I like her alter-ego Posion. XD

Ski: Update soon please! I agree with Bo on the thing with Haku and Zabuza, it's much better then them being dead or nuke-nins. Please update son!
10/29/2007 c6 1ExplodingChickenOfDoom
Grr... lol w I accidently deleted your fic in my favs instead of another one... O.O *bashes head*

lol... kick ass chapter. :D

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