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for The name is Potter Black!

5/31 c1 Anushka kurup
This is just wonderful . Harry has a family and got to be a child . The fluff truly has me . wonderful one
3/10 c45 cerulean369
Spent most of the day reading this and I loved it!
3/10 c39 5ProfessorBowties
Write the story of how Grandpa got the wand please!
3/4 c12 ProfessorBowties
Shouldn't Hermione, Nevile, Ron be able to at least hear hissing?
1/29 c1 Guest
Excited and excited are two very different words. And two very different meanings.
1/27 c35 tricorvus
Awkward boys gonna awkward. I remember my now ex husband at age 17. Harry is already mostly more mature than that. Great story, well written
Rock on
1/23 c3 tricorvus
Great story! Well written, great additions to known canon, intriguing divergences from canon.
Definitely a winner.
Rock on
1/22 c45 Alltheblackcatsarecool
Love this! Super well done!
11/26/2020 c1 Allie Hawkins
Omg I loveee it
11/11/2020 c10 4thesiriusblacklover
gilderoy lockhart was a ravenclaw btw- but amazing fic! I love the story
11/9/2020 c3 soemone
very nice !
ty for making it
11/9/2020 c44 9Starstreaker
I just wanted to leave a review and thank you for this beautifully thought out story. Two things I appreciated the most about you fic (1) it portrayed Harry in such a way that he got to be a child, he could confide in adults without being scared and straight up just allowed himself to be held, which we knew he didn't have the opportunity to in canon (2) the remaining marauders and uncle sevy of course are the stuff of tumblr hp. our overdramatic sirius and our exasperated moony,, i just love it. this was a nice break from all the heavy hp fics i've read the last few years. kudos author! 3
10/5/2020 c32 Guest
moony paddfot dont jinx it sings* harry gets PUT IN THR TRI WIZERD TORNERMENT* finishes singing
9/29/2020 c44 Mally77
As much as I think is cute, admit it! That part of Remus and Sirius seeking comfort on each other gave the sensation of a gay moment between both of them. Not that I’m against it* but it still sounded weird
9/16/2020 c41 mysuvone
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