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9/11/2014 c7 2JulieMalfoyZabini
That was kind of a cliffy...but I'm not going to bug you about it cause you've written much meaner cliffies...But on a completely different note, I loved the chapter! And can't wait to read the next one! :D

Update please! :D:)

Julie :)
4/11/2014 c6 JulieMalfoyZabini
I like the revamped version better! :D Just not the cliffie...

Update please! :D :)

Julie :)
9/2/2010 c5 30voldyismyfather
ooo its goood :D
2/26/2009 c5 24lita rocks LbC
lol, the letters were hilarious.

i really like this story. i hope you guys are planning on updating soon.
2/7/2009 c5 5Twinklepins
So... will we not get any Ginny/Hermione?

Keep writing!
2/6/2009 c5 8Sympathetic Me
Awesome chapter, I loved the letters, so petty by brilliant.
1/29/2009 c5 1Queen of Night
huzzahness! cute quirky chappy!
1/26/2009 c5 Ezriella
lmao so funny. cant wait for more :D
1/26/2009 c5 2JulieMalfoyZabini
Yay! Bout bloody time missy lol. And I love this chapter! Although, when I get home I'll have to re-read the whole fic cause you haven't updated in AGES.

Update please! :D:)

12/7/2008 c4 1Queen of Night
hehe; horrible that ginny is hurt but her fury was a bit amusing!
10/12/2008 c4 LeeeB
interesting indeed...what's going to happen?
10/12/2008 c4 8Sympathetic Me
Well, upset is the understatment. But it rocked. It has me interested to read more.
9/29/2008 c4 2MaiYoung
omg its wonderful lol write more! write more! faster! faster! lol
9/17/2008 c4 2JulieMalfoyZabini
(Sighs) I most definitely have to re-read this fic (mumbles in agony) I hate re-reading fics! Especially when I'm so time-restraint. But I loved the chapter! Especially the little spat with Ginny, Blaise, and Draco (smirks evilly)

Update please! :D:)

8/16/2008 c3 JulieMalfoyZabini
(laughs like a maniac) I love this chapter! It's funny. And I'm guessing that, that boy was Blaise Zabini (grins evilly). I'm curious as to what Draco will be like:D. Anywho, I love the chapter! :D:)

Update please! :D:)

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