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for Resurrection

8/4/2009 c1 17inugomefiend
oh and poetry too! cool! nice job.
7/25/2009 c1 12brakken
A nebulous tanka. And I don't even know if the cloud in question is golden, stormy, or silver-lined...though I'm inclined to the latter. I like the vagueness though; it gives more room for interpretation, without being so vague as to be a cheap blank page. It clearly means something...the 'what' is the only real question here for me. Unless of course I'm being a grand idiot and the answer is glaring me in the face and I'm simply dismissing it as too simple. Which is entirely possible. My main theory is that he's committing suicide and his resurrection is his soul reincarnating. Though part of me is reluctant to agree, I think I'll go with that interpretation. Hopefully I'm not too far off...
10/6/2007 c1 337kirayasha aka kira
Beautiful! I'm always in awe of anyone who can write poetry. Especially a poem that's as emotionally charged as this! I'm really glad you decided to share this with us!
9/30/2007 c1 10HPTR Fangirl
Interesting poem, especially from Kohaku's prespective.

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