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11/30/2015 c3 Guest
GOSH, I really wish these were updated, so I'd have more to read of them. They're amazing, but just too short. :(
12/21/2012 c3 sunflowerspot
I don't know if you're still writing or not, but if there's a chance, please continue this! It's amazing and there's so much mystery and intrigue that I'm completely entranced. :) I have to know more! Please? :)
10/8/2010 c3 ayannaaki
What happened? I was REALLY enjoying this! You are really talented and i think you should carry on with this :D x
8/5/2009 c3 4Synchypn0tic17
OMGSH I love this!

great story! Cloud is so..DEAD haha :P

I like tht tho!

I've also noticed..you haven't updated for quite a while now...

did you discontinue your story?

If you did I'm so sad :( I'm dying to know what would happen next!

But nice work! :)
8/5/2009 c3 1SaturnDrops459
Wow. Just wow. What an impressive start! I can't wait to see how Cloud and Tifa fall for each other. I love how Cloud was all cold and heartless...until he twitched. subtly falling in 3 is so cute! Hope to see the next updates for both Filithy Pleasure and Finding Reason soon!
2/4/2009 c3 17demonegg
Well, it took me long enough to read these-it's been a crazy week. But anyways, just wanted to drop a note saying I hope you really do decide to pick these up again. A couple of things could use reworking, but overall, the idea is interesting and worth pursuing. I especially liked your dialogue.

Yeah, definitely continue these.

Oh, and thanks for the review again. Yours really made my day!
6/4/2008 c3 1purinai
4/30/2008 c2 2Erianna Abyss
Hey great story, I like the ideas that you're going with so far. I'm really hoping to see more. My only problem is be careful that you aren't too vague with certain details I know you're trying to create this air of mystery but sometimes it can be a little confusing. The first chapter didn't really make any sense to me at all.
4/10/2008 c1 jsfkdlgjadlsfkasglk
Oh elebelly, wonderful, a fic from you!

Keep it up, upadte soon. ;)
4/9/2008 c3 3Yumi Reitenshi
creepy creepy cool, keep writing
4/8/2008 c3 DynastyWARRIORS


I like how the story is going - if you update i might add it to my fave :)

anywayz hope ya update soon!

and what is up with cloud?
4/7/2008 c3 SweetMercifulCrap
AIIE! this chapter had me on the edge of the seat for the entire time! this is cruel, how could you end it here? I'M HOOKED! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! lmao, i must sound so desperate right now...but guess what? i am!


anyways, excuse my hyper streak there, this was another great chapter, keep it up and you'll get a cookie ^^
4/7/2008 c3 33Karmi Ky
Go elebelly!

Boo Cloud!

I like it even though I WAS NOT SENT THE SECOND HALF!

. . .Meanie . . .

But anyway, it was a grrat chapter. I loved it.

Cloud's a meanie. Not you.

And so is Vincent!
4/7/2008 c3 12S.K.Evans
So yeah, me again.

Okay, so you have the tendency the write very long sentences. Complex sentences are good, but yours need to improve.

e.g. Tifa stirred, her body strangely numb, a breath hitched in her throat as the thick, stifling pungent smell of something very unfamiliar swamped her nose and coated her mouth, suffocating her.

Description is good, spelling is good, structure is not good. You should have cut it after 'numb'.

Another thing, desription is excellent; your text is flowing and all. But yeah, don't overdo it.

e.g. she attempted to cautiously open her eyes

First of all, cautiously doesn't even go there, and secondly that's just...no. The fact that she attempts to open her eyes tell us she has difficulty doing so. No need to add that she's being cautious. Little things like that can ruin a story sometimes.

Honestly, I don't really have time right now 'cause I have freaking homework and projects, but I'll tell you one thing that they should teach people in junior high.

Never use two words when you can use one.

I'll show you.

Bad: The door slammed loudly.

Good: The door closed loudly.

When a door slams, it's obviously going to make noise. However, saying that the door closes doesn't tell us HOW it closes, in which case the One VS Two words rule doesn't apply.

Another one. (They're not that good but I can't think of one right now)

Good: “I hate you!" She screamed with vehemence.

Bad: “I hate you!" She screamed, her voice loud and blaring.

One could think that the second one is better in reason of the use of adjective but wrong! If she (whoever she is...) screams vehemently, it means she's passionate about the subject. The second exmaple only says that her voice is loud, which is obvious because she is shouting.

People often forget this rule -myself included-, if they've even been taught it.

That's it, love.

Take care

3/18/2008 c2 SweetMercifulCrap
oh...the suspense! i wonder what cloud is gonna do with an unconscious [sp?] Tifa? anyways, this was great, i love the details and the way you described everything, it's awesome. please please please update soon!

btwm thnks for the lovely review, it made me feel special ;)
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