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for Gender Bending 2

7/31/2007 c2 1LunaLocket
this story is getting good,by the way loved the other gender bender story you wrote.update soon.^-^
7/31/2007 c2 Anonymous1029384756
This is so awesome! I bet it'd be better if the rest of the gang found out about Zelos, too. xD Keep updating! ^^
7/29/2007 c2 MogOfWar
LOL! ok i swore i wouldn't read the gender bending series but i must thank my boredom and curiosity getting the better of me! i read all of them and this is hilarious keep the chapters rolliing!
7/29/2007 c2 41freakyanimegal
7/28/2007 c1 2screamingedge
Yay, Zelly abuse!
7/28/2007 c2 4The Amazing Chris
Zelos is going to make a very, very funny girl.

~The Amazing Chris
7/28/2007 c2 17AshK1980
It looks good to me! Keep up the great work!


7/28/2007 c1 AshK1980
Great way to start the sequel! I like it so far!


7/27/2007 c2 Maxmagnus20019
Good chapter, a bit short though, but made up with the fact Zelos wants to be a perverted girl, but still with girls.

Can't wait to see when the mental changes start occuring. :P
7/27/2007 c2 10MarioDS01
Interest story so far that Lydia is back.

But it was mean of her to turn Zelos into a female for revenge...that is kind of said.

And now Lydia wants to change back. But Zelos does not because he loves Lydia so much and can not get him mind off of her and the other girls don't do anything for him at all...

Too bad this has nothing to do with romance at all...I wish it did a little, because I kind of like the Lydia/Zelos couple, Alot!

I hope this time you have Lydia stay Lydia and like the change, naturally and have Zelos be a guy again. Or there could be a twist Lydia becomes a guy again and Zelos wants to remain a girl.

Personally, I want a good ending from this story. I rather see them together as a man and a woman in either way.
7/25/2007 c1 Maxmagnus20019

Good plot, and your an awesome writer, I know this'll turn out well! :P

Go dude go!
7/25/2007 c1 10Myraku Kiriaku
Oh, I like it already! Oh, and... can you add KratosXLydia to this? It would be interesting to see Kratos struggling with his 'love' for Lloyd X3 Not only that, but I REALLY want to see a Kratos pairing other than Kranna X3 ...Yeah.
7/24/2007 c1 41freakyanimegal
Is Kratos going to be in here? sorry...hehehe...Oh! Can you use the whole 'Kratos turning into a woman' plot I worked out last time? PWeASE? Can't wait for me!
7/24/2007 c1 4The Amazing Chris

I wish you wouldn't compliment me so much, you're making me blush. This is good... Real god...

I'm going to be completely hypocritical and tell you to UPDATE QUICKLY!

~The Amazing Chris
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