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4/2/2009 c3 some random reader
so this is a little diffrent kind of review i rly didnt like it sasuke would never say omg even as an inner and i think it was alittle chopy and not writen that well perhaps u could get a beta 2 proof read and u could brainstorm stuff 2 happen instead of just the kind of stuff in every sasuXsaku put there
8/12/2008 c10 Miss.3m0 CuppiiCake
that was so cute i almost cried yhea no sai that stupid boy stole the sasuke-kuns fans awesome story though
8/11/2008 c2 Miss.3m0 CuppiiCake
i love your story
6/4/2008 c10 2k92littlered
aw... so adorable. yay happy ending.
6/4/2008 c6 k92littlered
shadow possesion jutsu. nice chap by the way. it would have been funnier if sasuke caught the apple and threw it back though. lol.
6/1/2008 c10 4teamjackson925
that was soo sweat. I can't stop smiling. I'm crying tears of joy! (no kidding!)
5/4/2008 c10 Ngoc1231
Ok.. yeah I don't know why I didn't review this...

Stupid thing didn't send me a e-mail.

Aww it was a cute ending! =)

Great job!

3/27/2008 c10 Innocence and Instinct
love it
10/9/2007 c6 2abstract.klutz
nice chappie! suspensful, anyway... oh right,btw, shikamaru's famous jutsu is 'Shadow Possesion Jutsu' just so you know
9/2/2007 c10 13creativesm75
damn cool
8/16/2007 c10 7LadySakuraForest
Aww sweet ending, really nice!
8/15/2007 c10 6Itani
Wow, what a great story..I really did enjoy reading it. ^^
8/15/2007 c10 UnknownXPerson
you make me cry soo much that this is over! but i ave a great idea why don`t you make a sequel of this story! bibi
8/15/2007 c10 21drawingdownthemoon
such a sweet story. i liked it. u had some really cute scenes in there. i laughed when inner sasuke exploded.

happy unbirthday

8/15/2007 c10 ArticEmbers
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