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3/29 c4 26reallybeth
This was so cute! :)
4/9/2016 c4 Warnamagenta
I hope you can write story again about these two.. this story is so adorable ;)
11/15/2013 c4 Guest
SEQUEL PLEASE. This was really good.
6/2/2011 c4 2miss.poltergeist
Ginny playing loud music is hilarious! I loved this story! :)
5/21/2011 c1 11Beebbop
Love it! Gonna read the rest now
3/20/2011 c4 mrsgeorgeweasley16
This was fantastic. I really love your Ron and Hermione stories. Your one of the best authors I have found, and I'm quite picky.
12/27/2010 c4 4loutzy
I gave it a standing ovation!


LMAOLMAO. Loved it. Hands down, the BEST short fic I've ever read.
2/11/2009 c4 1SpangleyPony
Hehe I was giggling all the way through very good read.
12/29/2008 c4 Turbo Grom
"Hermione rolled her eyes and waved her wand, silently casting an Accio charm. Ron flew through the door, which slammed behind him, and landed with a THUD on his bed."

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA the best line! I so can imagine this! :D
5/20/2008 c4 42SnowWhite0716
I loved it! :)
2/2/2008 c4 Major Boom
Ch1: it was totally hilarious how hermione acted when she found out she was naked with Ron! Ron is awesome!

Ch2: lol, snape and Trelawney in Love Actually. best line by luna!

Ch3: Ginny is defniatly the new Fred! Juicy action between hermione and ron!

Ch4: They finally did it! Can't believe Ginny did that!
12/8/2007 c4 1CEO-FLEX
One word. Excellent - the twist in ch3 was great.
11/8/2007 c2 Charmed Ravenclaw
Once again, the humour: Love Actually, ha.
11/8/2007 c1 Charmed Ravenclaw
I love the humour in this:

“We’re sitting in bed together, completely starkers—except for a blanket and a sheet, respectively—” He snickered, “—and you haven’t once mentioned feelings or anything that any other girl would. Instead, you approach it as rationally as you would an Arithmancy problem!”
11/4/2007 c4 2ebdarcy.qt4good
LOL cute ending :)
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